Friday, August 17, 2012

Fitness Friday {motivation}

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Motivation is necessary when trying to meet health goals.  I’ve tried many forms of motivation:  rewarding myself with cheap jewelry, a yummy treat on cheat day, new clothes.  But I think the best motivation is seeing results.

Despite the fact that my healthy eating and increased exercise attempts have been rather weak, I am seeing results from the meager attempts that I am doing.  For instance, I bought a dress…and it was a size smaller than I normally buy at this particular store (whose clothes run a tad small so I rarely buy there).  I took the dress into the dressing room thinking that it wouldn’t fit. 

Guess what?

It did fit!  And it’s cute! 

And then there’s the jeans that I haven’t worn in a while because they were too small.  I tried them on the other day.

Guess what?

They fit!  Yay!

That, my friends, is Motivating!

Knowing that even my less than whole-hearted attempts have given results motivates me to work harder towards achieving my goals. Imagine how much actually giving this healthy living thing my full attention could change my life.  If just changing a little has helped, how much more can doing it wholly help?  

Have these results made these changes completely easier?  No…I still dread getting out of bed to exercise but I know that doing so will give me results.  Not to mention, I feel so much better after I’ve gotten started.

So I have a new goal.  In my closet is a bin full of clothes.  There are some really cute sweaters, jeans, and skirts that I haven’t worn in a long time.  They are only the next size down from what I wear today.  My goal is to fit into those clothes by winter time.  Since we are in the deep south, cold weather usually starts in December or late November  {and sometimes even later than that} so I’ve got a few months to reach this goal.  I’ll just go ahead and say that I will fit into these clothes by Thanksgiving.

I’m also going to be joining in on the 42 Days to Fit Challenge over at Marathon Mom.  If you’re looking to get healthy click the link above.  It may be something you’d like to join in on also. 


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