Monday, July 16, 2012

You are in the right place!

If you are coming by the blog right about now, things are probably looking a little different!  And if you are looking for The Little White House Farm blog, you may think you’ve come to wrong place.  But this is the right place!

For a while I’ve been writing about my wanting to move to Wordpress.  After much hemming and hawing over a new name that fit the blog theme, I finally realized that the name of a new blog was pretty simple. 

Since the blog is about homeschooling, gardening, city homesteading, weight loss, my family…simply put - since the blog is about all things that are important to me…why not make the name…

Simply Adriane

And I know that my name is a bit tricky to spell therefore possibly making me hard to find in searches.  Just remember that my last three letters are

a n e  (because that’s the tricky part) {smile}

Also note that for now the blog address ( does not match the name of my blog (or my former name for that matter).  This was the original address to the blog and I’ve not changed it yet.

However, once I move to Wordpress, then my blog name and address will match.  I’ve even bought my own domain!    Hopefully the move will be soon but I’m still in the process of trying to figure out Wordpress! 

The plan is to continue to post here until my new blog home is finished or at least closer to finished.  And once it is ready, I will be sure to let y”all know! 

Thank you for reading my blog.  I truly appreciate you spending time with me and my family!





  1. love it love it love it!! I can't wait to see what you do here! I am sorry I haven't been commenting-I am doing good just to get things read these past two weeks. I went on a hard-core house cleaning binge, and started school with my oldest (11) to slowly work into it all....and this week is VBS! I. Am. Bushed!!!

  2. Thank you, Sally. And I totally understand the comment thing! Most of my blog reading now is done via blog feeds on my phone when I have a minute or two. And while I can comment from my phone, my fingers have trouble touching the correct letters with those little bitty buttons! haha But I totally understand. I love comments but I know that busy moms and ladies are reading here and time for commenting is slim. :)

    Take care of yourself and get some rest! :)


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