Monday, July 2, 2012

Homeschool mother’s journal

Summer-Edition Homeschool Mother's Journal


In my life this week::

This past week finally started feeling like summer because we are finally starting to slow down a bit this week.  The kids spent a lot of time in our backyard pool and I spent time in the garden picking tomatoes

In our homeschool this week::

School is out for summer!  Actually, we had intended to work on math all summer but between swim team practices & meets and my being sick, it just hasn’t happened.  However, there has been a lot of planning for the new school year as we prepare to enter a new stage in our homeschooling… high school!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing::

One of the older boys is going to church camp this week.  I’m planning to meet a friend for dinner one night this week.  Also, I’m thinking about taking the kids to the dollar movie day at the theatre.  But all in all, it is going to be a quiet week since we are finished with competitive swim until September. 

My favorite thing this week was::

The look on our oldest son’s face when he shared that he had received the Most Valuable Swimmer award in his age group.  Priceless!

Questions/thoughts I have::

As I’m planning a course of study for high school:  What books must our son be sure to read this year?  When did my son grow up into a high school student?  I wonder if he will enjoy algebra and Latin?  When did my baby get so big?  Is he going to balk at all of the writing and reading this year?  Where did the time go?

That’s pretty much my running thought conversation as I work on planning for high school!

Things I’m working on:

After 6 weeks of illness and 6 weeks of not exercising, I’m working on getting my goals for exercise and healthy eating rolling once again this week.  My hope is that my family as a whole will begin to eat healthier and move more.  It helps that my oldest wants to participate in a triathlon and needs a running partner. 

I’m reading::

The Well Trained Mind:  A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer

I’m praying for::

  • friends battling cancer
  • my health to continue to improve

A photo, video, link, or quote to share:

Keep on Keeping on!

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  1. Didn't know you were sick :( Hope you are almost all better. HIGH SCHOOL?! Wow. time really flies :)

  2. It sounds like you're having a busy, but productive and fun summer thus far! Swim meets and practices sound great! My kids MIGHT take lessons in August. Some want too, some don't. LOL And the gardening...Tips on tomatoes? We always kill them! ((sigh)) I have grand plans to someday make homemade spaghetti sauce!

  3. Hey! Thanks for linking to my KOKO post! That stuck in my head during the sermon and wouldn't let go until I finally made those posters!

  4. I'm getting there. Actually felt almost normal today. Thanks, Mariann. And yep, high school...Crazy, huh? :)

  5. Hi Jessy! We have enjoyed swim team this year. Our older three have actually been swimming all year long and did competitions this summer. One of my littles may join them this next year. It is fabulous exercise! This is our first year to have a really great tomato crop. I need to write a post about some of the things we've done this year for our tomatoes. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. You're welcome, Salinda. It stuck with me also after that Sunday school lesson. It was very timely. :)


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