Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness {and health} Friday

July 11, 2012 006

Last week I wrote about taking care of ourselves especially those of us who are busy in our lives taking care of others.  (Wait…wouldn’t that be all of us? {smile}) 

So how did you do with your commitment to get moving more?

As is typical of Adriane, I planned too big.  I had originally planned to exercise five days a week.  You see, before I got sick 7 weeks ago, I was exercising at least three days a week.  I figured that it would be easy to jump in again at five days a week.  {Ahem} 

By now you’ve probably figured out that I did not get in five days of exercise last week.  You may have even figured out that I’m not going to meet that goal this week either.  (And before you think I completely flaked out…I did get some walking in and I did some pushups with my older boys.  It was a little but just not what I had planned.)

And I could blame it on the rain…

But I won’t.  (Even though it has been raining a lot!)

Honestly, the biggest reason for my not meeting the goal is what I’m going to focus on this week in this post (instead of eating well as I had previously mentioned).

So what derailed my efforts to move more?

My Kindle.


Yes, really…

And now you’ve heard every excuse out there!

So it goes a bit like this…Usually, I don’t read fiction.  The reason I don’t is because if I really get into a book, I can not put it down.  Last week I downloaded a few free fiction books on my Kindle.  And then I proceeded to stay awake until 3 am (3 am!) reading these books.  Not just one night either.  We’re talking a few nights of this.  And that would be ok if I got to sleep late but some of my kiddos get up with the birds.  That makes for one tired mama who could not did not exercise.

So I’m blaming it on my Kindle! {ha}

However, it has made me realize that what they say about sleep is very, very true.  Our bodies need adequate amounts of sleep in order to function well.  Sadly, research shows that many of us are receiving way less sleep than we need. 

So the goals for this week are:

  • Even though I blew it last week (so thankful for second chances) I will exercise 3 – 5 times before next Friday. (Five is better but I will cut myself some slack.)
  • I will turn lights out before 10:30 every night.  (For me that will be about 7 hours of sleep.)

And with that, I’m off of the computer for the night.  I have 20 minutes to ready for bed and read (and it won’t be fiction either) before I turn off the lights and let my body rest before a new day of taking care of my family. 

I’d love to hear how you’ve done with your exercise!  I plan to bring you all a better report next Friday!



  1. thelittlegrayhouseJuly 13, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    I do the exact same things with books! It drives my husband nuts. I'll stay up almost all night to finish a book and then the next day I am worthless. :) I had the thought tonight that I always have these huge goals about exercise and then when I can't meet them I do nothing. I was thinking I should at least try to get a walk in most days (like make is a habit, even if it's a short ten minute one) and not beat myself up if I don't but at least strive for it. I am going to start reminding myself it's the small everyday changes/choices that add up.

  2. Good advice, Melissa! I'm such an all or nothing person too. It's so easy for me to say, "Oh well, I only have ten minutes today so why bother?!" But you are so right when you say that little changes and choices add up!

    Glad to know I have a buddy who also can't step away from a good book...even if she needs to sleep! haha


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