Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little table in the garden

June 21, 2012 047

In the garden sits a table

~a little glass table~

that collects a lot of stuff.

It usually holds garden tools, kids’ toys & nature finds, and sometimes freshly picked garden goodies.

But it has an even more special job than that.

June 21, 2012 034

Sometimes this little table is an escape for a Mom with a book that needs to stay dry from the water splashing from the pool.

And sometimes it’s a place where a Mom can go to think & pray or even to collect a little calmness and patience.

But some of the best things

~the very best things~

are the views from this table.

 June 21, 2012 025 children enjoying summer fun

June 21, 2012 031

a yard tool/machine loving little boy watching his oldest brother mowing the front lawn 

June 21, 2012 029 a butterfly enjoying the purple coneflowers

June 21, 2012 039 a little boy sharing deep thoughts and his Mom’s soda

June 21, 2012 030 a chicken busy at work in the compost bin

June 21, 2012 041 a scruffy, water soaked puppy watches the chickens from what he must consider a safe distance

June 21, 2012 043 a beautiful sunflower against the bright blue sky

June 21, 2012 045 a young man hard at work who looks an awful lot like his daddy in the picture

June 21, 2012 052 chickens sneaking into the garden despite my best efforts to deter them

June 21, 2012 065 a puppy who now watches the even closer chickens with a suspicious eye {and keeps his distance – he’s learned his lesson well for the puppy the chickens do not like}

And I am struck

~once again~

with just how blessed I am.

Blessed with family, a home, land to work, the beauty of nature around me, joy, and love {just to name a few}.

I am thankful for my little table in the garden and how it can help remind me of what’s important in this life.


  1. amen, sister -- thank you for sharing your space with us!

  2. Thankyou for sharing. I'm so glad you did for it reminded that i have a table in my garden that is pretty much identical to yours. But that is where the similarity ends because mine is covered up and because it is covered up then i don't think to use it. Today has been a bad day, indeed this whole month has not been the best. But it occurred to me, on reading your post, that if i just took some time out to sit and watch and think, then this time might not seem as sad. So maybe i really do have lots to be thankful for, but i haven't taken the time out to look for them. So God Bless you Adrianne and thankyou.xx

  3. Tina, I am so sorry to hear that things are rough for you right now. I'm praying for you. I too sometimes have to make myself look for the things to be thankful for. Actually, today I need to take my very own advice. God Bless you, Tina...many prayers going out for you!

  4. Thank you, Sally, for joining me in my little space!


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