Friday, June 22, 2012

16 years


Sixteen years ago, I married my best friend.

Sixteen years ago, we vowed to work on this marriage

~in good or in bad, in sickness or in health, in richer or in poorer~

And boy oh boy, have we seen it!

We’ve seen it all.

And we’re still together

sixteen years later.

wedding party

Honestly, there have been times when we both wondered if our marriage could weather the batterings of those bad times, sick times, and poor times.

But we forged on - both of us totally sure that God put us together and that was just where we would stay.


Florida bound

This love, this joy, this peace, this comfort

are such great gifts from God.

Gifts that He gave to me through David.

Thank you God for Your many blessings!

David, Thank you for sixteen wonderful years.  Thank you for the laughs and the way you take care of us.  Thank you for serving us all with your servant heart.  I am thankful for every day of these past sixteen years…even the sick, bad, and poor ones.  I didn’t enjoy those times at all but I was glad that you were there with me through them.  I look forward to many, many more years – hopefully ones of good, health, and richness.  But for sure, years of you and I together raising a family and sharing love & laughter. 

I love you forever and always.


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