Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday miscellaneous {a weekend at home}

May 20, 2012 027 Sunshine Girl splashed out of the picture

May 20, 2012 028

::outside:: it is hot and we have opened our backyard pool

::listening to:: the sounds of girls playing in the pool

::giving thanks for::   my husband.  He is so helpful around our home and never balks when I ask him to do things he’d probably rather not do {like dig up a lot of cast iron plants}.  I believe I may be able to count the times he’s complained about helping on one hand…scratch that…he never complains about it! He is wonderful.  {smile}

May 20, 2012 018 this was once fully covered with cast iron plants.  Soon I hope to plant it with hydrangea.  {then we get to do the other side of the porch!}

::pondering::   a high school education for my oldest

::reading::  a blog that I once read quite often and have recently rediscovered.  I love their adoption story.

::thinking about:: changes in our lives.  Change is usually good but is sometimes so hard.

May 20, 2012 022

::creating::  a skirt.  This week, I am going to create a skirt {for sure}

::learning in the school room:: this is our last week of school so our focus is on taking some tests, reading, and math.  Plans for summer learning are in the making.

::praying for::  the changes that I talked about above and for all involved in it.

May 20, 2012 024

::feathering our nest::  I’m making a list of projects to do this summer.  They involve painting, planting, and patience. 

::gardening::  spent time this weekend digging up cast iron plants, moving them to the back along the fence.  In their place, I hope to plant one of my favorites – hydrangea!

::planning our week::   swim team practice, canning green beans, and packing

May 20, 2012 025 the kids love it when daddy makes big waves for them to splash in


I hope your week is off to a great start!  Happy Monday!

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