Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fresh from the garden {a recipe}

May 2, 2012 031

Is there anything that tastes as good as that first batch of green beans from the garden?  Yum-O, I tell ya!

Everyone’s got their own green bean recipe but here is my family’s favorite:

  • Cook a few pieces of bacon in a pot.
  • After bacon is browned, add a bit of water.  (Amount depends on the amount of green beans.  I eyeball it. {smile})
  • When water boils, add some chicken base.  Again, amount added depends on amount of water.  I usually use a teaspoon or so.  (I get my chicken and beef base at Sam’s.  I’ve used bullion or pan drippings also.)

May 2, 2012 022

  • Add a little salt to the water too.  Not too much though.  You can add more later as needed.
  • When water returns to a boil, add beans.  I like to add a little potato too. 
  • Cover and cook until ready. 
  • Salt and pepper as needed.
  • Enjoy some fresh from the garden green beans!  Mmmm….

Do you have a favorite way that you like to cook green beans?

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