Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A backyard birthday party ~

Our Sunshine Girl turned 6 back in April. 

We had the party the first weekend of May and I’m just now putting pictures on the blog.


The reason for that is that I didn’t take one picture!

Nope.  I forgot!  I always get so busy at parties and family functions that I forget to pull out the camera.


But my dad saved the day and sent some birthday party pictures to me.

Thanks Dad!


We usually keep birthday parties kind of simple.  However this year, we decided to give Sunshine Girl a “friend and family” party.

I asked her what she wanted and she said, “Mermaids.”


Since she had boys at the party too, we went with a mermaid and pirate theme. 

Actually, it was more like an under the sea theme.

And even though we had a bigger than normal birthday party this year, we still kept it simple. 



Just crepe paper, tissue paper, snacks, cupcakes, a treasure hunt,

and water balloons!

(The chickens were a huge hit too.  Particularly when Tundra decided to sit on my sister-in-law’s head.  That one’s still being talked about around here!)

Plus friends and family…

And Sunshine Girl loved it!

And I love that!




  1. ok....this chicken on a SIL's head....I must hear more of this story! I can only imagine!!!! This story will fall into Wilson family lore for a long time, I'm sure!

    BTW, the cupcakes look fabulous!

  2. So much fun and an oh-so-adorable party! And glad I could help provide entertainment! Hahahaha.


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