Monday, April 23, 2012

Our week {April 15 – 21}

A collection of our memories from the week ~


April 20, 2012 010 Learned about the letter j {making a jellyfish}

April 20, 2012 015 had a yummy stir fry – fresh from the garden

April 20, 2012 031 watched the Air Force Thunderbirds fly over our house as they practiced for the air show – had to call Daddy and tell him all about it {smile}

April 20, 2012 048 enjoyed strolls in the garden

IMAG0106 and enjoyed a little help in the kitchen on fajita night

April 23, 2012 002 spent some time with my husband and friends at a weekend retreat

April 23, 2012 008 picked the first batch of green beans and golden wax beans for the 2012 garden season

IMG031 Grant passed district Bible drill (he is number 9 in picture above)

IMAG0117 This should actually go on next week’s post but I’m going to post it tonight.  Grant passed the state Bible drill tonight!  It was his third year to pass at the state level.  {smile}


  1. I did bible drill growing up and many of those verses are still with me!! Congratulations on hard work and dedication!

  2. Thank you on Grant's behalf. It is definitely hard work! It is amazing to me how those memorized verses are there when we need them. :)


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