Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weeks 10 & 11 (maybe) {2012}

At the beginning of the new year, I started documenting our weeks in pictures.  And like so many other projects that I start, it kind of fizzled!  {smile}  However, I really like to look back and see what we have done so I’m going to try to stick with this week in pictures thing.   

Some of the happenings from our home during weeks 10 & 11 ~

March 13, 2012 046

March 20, 2012 005

March 20, 2012 013

 March 20, 2012 056

March 20, 2012 059


March 20, 2012 058March 20, 2012 063 March 20, 2012 068

Inter-club swim team competition.  My kids actually are on the non-competitive team.  The plan was to try a year and see if they would be interested in competing.  After a competition in which they all did very well, the older boys are interested in competing.  We may try out summer competitions and see how it goes. 

A birthday celebration.  Grant celebrated his 12th birthday!  The birthday child always picks out his birthday menu for the day.  We feasted on doughnuts and doughnut holes, baked potatoes & bacon sandwiches, garlic parmesan chicken legs, mashed potatoes & gravy, stir-fried green beans, and a delicious chocolate cake {with ice cream}. 

A trip out to visit some friends in the country.  That event has so many pictures to share that it will get its very own post.  {smile}  That is not their barn, by the way – just a random barn on the way to their house.

Home improvements here and there.  We are setting aside a little bit from every paycheck to fix up this and that around the house.  We’ve put track lighting in the kitchen.  {wonderful to be able to see when I cook}  We also added this little path of stepping stones and gravel to a particularly muddy spot that led out to the garden.  I love how it looks and it has cut down on mud in the house!

Green, green everywhere.  We are seeing a lot of green around here.  I like it.  The garden is growing and the grapes… can you believe how much they’ve grown?  (Check here to see how much they’ve grown since my end of February update.  Unbelievable!)

Busy City Chicks.  We get about 3 – 4 eggs a day.  As many eggs as we eat, we are still able to share with friends.  I like that.

Out of my music comfort zone.  I love to sing.  Right now I’m learning quite a bit of music.  Easter music.  Praise team music.  Children’s choir music.  I’m cool with all of those.  But I’m also learning to sing swing music as originally sung by the Andrews Sisters.  Who are the Andrew Sisters?  (You can find out a little about them here.)  They were a group of sisters who sang swing music and would entertain our troops during wartime.  I am going to be singing swing music too.  Me… {gulp}  I’m nervous but excited about it.  Just hope I can make my church music voice sing swing.  {smile}  Should be interesting.

That’s a few highlights from weeks 10 & 11.  Be sure to look for our post about our trip out into the country.  We had a blast and I can’t wait to share the pictures and our story.

And before I go…a little Andrews Sisters’ music for you.



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