Monday, March 26, 2012

Goals, what goals?

Remember here and here when I spoke of making monthly goals to help direct my busy days?  Having goals for the month really does help me to think beyond just the basic everyday needs of our home and work towards bigger things that are sometimes pushed aside.  It does seem strange now that March is almost over that I post anything about goals for March!  However that is exactly what I’m going to do.  {smile}

January 10, 2012 009

March is a busy month around here so I figured that it would be best to keep it easy.  I’ve participated in 3 in 30 before and really like the simplicity of only focusing on three things.  So I figured that March was a good time to keep it simple due to busyness. 

Goals for March:

  • Remain consistent in following some of the habits set by goals in January and February.

Instead of writing new goals I just simply have focused on continuing to get to bed at a decent time, to wake early enough for a quiet time, to exercise consistently, to drink water, and to read at least one book.   Most of these goals have fallen a little short this month because the daylight saving’s time change always throws me for a loop!  My sleeping times are off which totally affects all of the others except the water drinking.  But I will continue on during this last week of March to be consistent!

  • Clean closets and organize children’s clothes.

Last weekend, I tackled the master bedroom closet.  I still need to work on the kids’ clothing.  It will be done…this week!

  • Tackle (and conquer) some items on our home improvement/garden to-do lists.

David and I have compiled a list of things to be done around our home and in the garden.  Each paycheck, we set aside a little bit of money to complete the tasks.  This month we were able to make a path out to the garden, install track lighting in the kitchen, and build a trellis for the grapes.  We’ve also completed some organizing projects (organizing kids’ toys and making a monthly meal plan) that were on the list.

Since March is almost over, soon it will be time to write goals for April.  I’m thinking that I really like the 3 in 30 focus so I am going to do that again for the month of April. 


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