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What to plant in March? {Louisiana}

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I’m gearing up to get busy doing a lot of planting in the garden.  We are zone 8 and are quickly approaching our last frost date.  That means it is time to get to planting!

Wondering when our last frost date is?  Well, I’ve always thought that our last frost date is March 10.  Tonight I went to three different sources to find out our frost date and came up with a lot of different dates.  So…when is our last frost date?

According to these three sources, it is anywhere from March 10 – April 2.  (April 2 seems awfully late to me.)  I’ll probably go ahead and plant (at my own risk) and watch the weather to be prepared for a possible frost so I can cover the tender plants.

What we can plant in March

snap bush and pole beans, lima beans


swiss chard

collard greens

sweet corn

eggplant from seed or transplants (after the 15th for transplants)



mustard greens


southern peas

hot peppers from seed and transplants (after the 15th for transplants)

bell pepper transplants (after the 15th)



summer squash


watermelons (after the 15th)

*** To see the actual planting dates, please visit here to find this information.***

***Good article about March/April planting from our state agricultural center***


What will we be planting at the Little White House?

Beginning of the month:  snap beans, lima beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs & flowers

Later in the month:  cantaloupes, watermelons, southern peas, more cucumbers, peppers, more tomatoes, okra, eggplant, summer squash, herbs & flowers

Hoo Wee!  Looks like it’s going to be a busy month in the garden!

What are your plans for your garden in the month of March?



  1. thelittlegrayhouseMarch 1, 2012 at 12:53 PM

    Wow! You can get a lot in this month! We are zone 7 and I just put in green peas, lettuce, and spinach today. Question, do you start your tomatoes inside and transplant or do you direct sow in the garden?

  2. Sorry to be so late with the reply, Melissa. :) I usually buy tomato starts at a store. I have not had much luck starting them myself because I don't have a good sunny window. I'm trying to start a few heirloom tomatoes right now but have put in some romas and cherry tomatoes that I bought at the store. So far my tomato starts are doing well with my little "green house" that I've set up in our kitchen. I have never tried to direct sow. I'm anxious to see if my tomatoes starts will make it!


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