Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring is springing in the deep south

It’s February 23rd, right?  As in the season of winter?  Did someone forget to tell the deep south that winter comes between fall and spring because I don’t know that we’ve seen winter yet around here.

Februray 23, 2012 094

Today we are experiencing a high temperature of 84 degrees!

I mentioned earlier that it is winter, right?  Crazy, I tell ya!

And I just can not stay inside.  The beautiful sunshine, the blowing breeze, the green popping up everywhere, and the warm temps call me outside often.

Februray 23, 2012 055

And if I’m outside soaking in, I have to get my hands into the dirt.  The dirt makes me happy.  Well, maybe not the dirt.  I don’t care for it so much when it is inside my house.  But the working in the dirt and growing veggies, fruits, and flowers – that makes me happy.

Februray 23, 2012 040

The weather has been so nice that I couldn’t  say no to a request from the kids for a picnic lunch outside.

Februray 23, 2012 043

I mean, who doesn’t like a lunch outside with a sweet, dirt-smudged face Sunshine Girl chattering away?  How could I say no to that?

While eating my lunch and chatting with Sunshine Girl, I watched my family enjoy the spring-like weather.

Februray 23, 2012 048

I laughed as my husband tried to start the weed-eater in his white shirt and tie (work dress code).  This still cracks me up every time I see it!

Februray 23, 2012 053

And I watched my kids working hard to haul the mushroom compost from the truck to the growing pile in the garden.

Februray 23, 2012 057

We’ve been working hard and enjoying this beautiful weather because we know that winter in the deep south is a mix of warm days and cold cool days.

Februray 23, 2012 087  

So when we see spring in the middle of winter, we enjoy the blessing of sunshine and the beauty of spring springing.

How’s the weather where you live?  Anyone else experiencing a very warm winter?





  1. lol at the man of the house in his shirt and tie:)

    I love to have my hands in dirt too.

    So pour me a glass of that sweet tea and lets go to town girl!

    The weather is warm here in VA too. 69 yesterday.

    Shoo wee!

  2. It's been warm for y'all too! Come on down and I make you a glass of that tea! :D


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