Monday, February 27, 2012

Home education highlights {February}

It has been a while since I’ve talked about our home school.  Even though I’ve been silent about the subject, we have busy working and learning in our school.  Here are some of the high lights from our learning in February:

Together we worked on:

  Februray 27, 2012 012  flags of Asia


We are using My Father’s World Countries and Cultures as the main spine of our curriculum.  To see the rest of our curriculum choices, visit here.

In geography we learned about:

  • Kenya and Saudi Arabia
  • Memorized the countries in Africa and have begun memorizing the countries in Asia
  • The Riffi Berbers, the Pygmies, people of Saudi Arabia and the Kurds
  • The religion of Islam 
  •  Mancala (homemade game and app on my phone)
  • Global positioning

January 30, 2012 004 playing Mancala (link above is to a computer version)


  • Continued reading through the book of Matthew
  • Memorized Matthew 6: 19 – 21, 24 – 25, 33, and the Lord’s Prayer
  • Read about missionaries:  Mary Slessor, Samuel Morris, David Livingstone

February 15, 2012 011 grassland dioramas


  • Grasslands animals and plants
  • Experiments with grass (to discover how grass can grow after being eaten by various animals on the grasslands), how elephants stay cool without sweat glands
  • Man’s impact on the environment, endangered species, and environmental issues

Februray 27, 2012 006 In the middle of giving a spelling test, I had to leave the room.  I came back to Grant giving the test for me.  {smile}


Greek and Latin Roots

  • helios (sun), sol (sun), philia (love), and phobos (fear)

(This pin on pinterest tells about teaching Greek and Latin roots.)

 Februray 27, 2012 008 Reading On the Banks of Plum Creek

Individually we worked on:

Bryce (8th)

  • Reading White Fang
  • Working on Pre-algebra (fractions and formulas and figures, oh my!)
  • Daily written narrations, writing assignments, grammar, and spelling

Grant (6th)

  • Finished reading The Boxcar Children.  Began work on Shiloh
  • Conquering long division, averages, and divisors
  • Daily written narrations, writing assignments, grammar, and spelling

Februray 27, 2012 010

Flower Girl (3rd)

  • Reading On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • Decoding words with vowel pairs, improving in reading fluency
  • Learning to multiply and memorizing multiplication facts
  • Writing friendly letters and making words into plurals in grammar, daily oral narrations, and spelling

Februray 23, 2012 064

Sunshine Girl (Kindergarten)

  • Has learned all short vowels, still learning the remainder of consonants
  • Decoding CVC words (cat, dog, pig, etc)
  • Reading short stories
  • Learning numbers, counting, calendars, coins, basic addition & subtraction
  • Learned about farm animals and penguins


Wow!  Despite fighting illness this month, we really learned a lot in our little home school.  {smile}

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