Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Goals} February

February 1, 2012 013

Yesterday, I wrote a review of January’s goals.  Today, I’m going to write out my new goals for February.  Then I’ll print it out, post it on my refrigerator, and get to work!

Goals for February:


  • Wake early for quiet time and continue to work through the book of Ephesians
  • Memorize 4 new Bible verses

February 1, 2012 011 Bible verses that hang on the cupboards by the sink.  These will be replaced with new verses.


  • Plan a summer get-away (set aside funds)
  • Go on a fun family outing this month



  • Exercise 3 – 4 times a week
  • Bed @ 10:30
  • Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day (make a chart for accountability)


February 1, 2012 015My husband is the artist.  However, this is my attempt to draw my idea for moving the chicken coop and run.  It is so not to scale nor even readable by anyone but me.  I am not an artist! {laugh}




Did you set any goals last month?  How did it go? 



  1. Let's sew something! We should plan a sewing/coffee date and let the guys take all the kids and chickens and gardens and nerf weapons and do whatever! What shall we sew? I've got a skirt in mind and an overnighter....

  2. Sounds fun! After we get over all the sickies here, we'll have to make some plans. I know I want to sew a skirt. You'll have to tell me what an overnighter is because I'm not sure what that is?


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