Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 {2012}

I’m jumping on this bandwagon of documenting each day of your previous week in pictures.  Problem is…I can’t always remember what I did on such and such day!  So I’m taking a little bit different approach.

In week 4 of 2012, we…

Enjoyed some beautiful weather at the beginning of the week by spending time outside {The City Chicks loved it too}January 24, 2012 020

Stayed inside due to rain {except when we had to leave} but we learned to play Mancala during our studies of Africa

January 30, 2012 004

Found some beautiful flowers after the rain that reminded us that spring is just around the corner

January 30, 2012 008

On family night we enjoyed a movie {Courageous – it was an awesome movie} and I planned out the spring and summer gardens while watching

January 30, 2012 019

Prepared the garden boxes for early spring planting

January 30, 2012 041

The weekend began with a sick little one, ended with another sick little one, and the new week (today) started with another sick child

January 30, 2012 012


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