Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let’s talk about hair

For years, I have been fighting my hair’s natural tendency to curl.  The past (at least) 16 years have found me straightening my natural wavy locks with straightening irons and sometimes chemicals.  And the process is not an easy one.  I can spend at least 30+ minutes trying to straighten these locks.  (You can see it straight on this page.)

And that was easy 16 years ago when it was just David and me.  But now…now there are five kids and a house and a homeschool…you get the picture.  There are just not 30+ minutes a day to spend on the hair.

 January 12, 2012 045 How incredibly cheesy is this picture!?!

So in an effort to save valuable time, I’ve decided to go with what God has naturally given me and go with the curls.  At first, the curls really wanted to stay frizzy.  So I talked to a curly-haired friend and found out that she uses products on her hair to help her curls not frizz.  (I hadn’t been using hair products besides a little hairspray to hold my bangs.)

January 12, 2012 053

  Feeling just a tiny bit vain with all of these pictures of myself!  {laugh}

After battling the frizzy waves, I tried Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.  That was the ticket.  The curls now have more shape and less frizz.  And the time I saved was amazing!  All I did was put in mousse and blow out my bangs, spray a little hair spray to hold my bangs and wait for the curls to dry.  (And then gave them a little fluffing here and there.)

January 12, 2012 055 It’s kind of hard to take pictures of yourself.  {smile}

It was a few weeks before I was brave enough to finally venture outside of the house with the curls and you know what?

People liked it! 

So for now…sometimes I’m straight

and sometimes I’m curly – especially on the busy days!

January 12, 2012 060 Oh this picture makes me laugh!  Like I said – it is hard to take a picture of yourself.

Since I tend to pull my hair up, I tried that style out too.  Works for me.

January 12, 2012 066 And that is the last of the pictures of me for a long time!

I like to pin hairstyles on

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and I think that now I will try to find some that will work with curly hair. 

If there are any curly-haired girls reading my blog, do you have any pointers for pretty curls and no frizz?



  1. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL curly! Like you I have to spend so much time fighting the curl. But if mine looked that good curly, I would leave it. You are on pinterest? So am I. Sadly, it is becoming an addiction. So many ideas but on the positive side I am not just pinning, I have actually used a few.:)

  2. Thank you, Lecia. I'm still trying to get used to seeing it curly again. I love pinterest too. I try to only go there a few times a week or I get sucked in! :D I've implemented a few ideas too. Even used it while shopping the other day. (That sounds like a blog post idea...haha) I am following Sally on Pinterest so I'll see if I can find you through her, if you don't mind. Thanks for stopping by, Lecia! :)


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