Monday, January 23, 2012

Last week in pictures {or moving it – family style}

One of my goals for the new year is to move more.  My family seems to have been bitten by the move more bug too.  (Even though the kids all ready move a lot!)  Here are some pictures of our family “moving it” this week!

We took a holiday on Monday of last week and the weather was beautiful.  So Grant set up a circuit training course for himself and his little sister.

January 17, 2012 036

They ran a certain distance, did some jumping jacks or other activity, and  then ran back to tag the other. 

January 17, 2012 035

 On Saturday, we all headed out to the city track.

The kids rode bikes.

David and I walked/ran…for over 4 miles! 

January phone 002

We live on the edge of our city and right down the road from us is this park with a trail where many people come to walk, jog, and ride bikes. 

The funny thing is this:  you walk/run/bike right beside some cows!  (See those dots in the picture above on the left side?  Those are cows!)

You’ve got the highway, some cows,and a running trail! 

January phone 005

After we had warmed up, Dave would say, “Let’s start running at that sign (tree, line on the trail…) and then run until we get to that second tree (sign, ….) up there.”

Of course then I would say, “You mean that second tree waaaaay up there?”  {smile}

After we reached our destination, we would would walk for a bit and then repeat the whole scenario again.

This picture is of us right as we had approached the 2 mile mark and had finished running to that bridge in the background.

January phone 021 

Not so great of a picture because I kept moving before the camera was done taking the picture!  And I did not “pretty up” to go for a run.  (Ok, ok…I do have on mascara and lip gloss!)  {smile}



Then we had to walk back for a little over two miles.

That’s when the fun began!

Four out of five bicycle tires were flat.

Two little ones were tired.  They took turns either riding on Daddy’s shoulders.



sitting on the little bike and being pulled along by a parent.  (See the jackets being used to help pull the bicycle along?)

(Don’t know why we all look so pink in these pictures…it was not that cold out there especially once you started moving.  Still trying to figure out the phone camera.)

It didn’t quite turn out as planned but it was fun.  We all got out and moved. 

When it was all over, we got Icees and coffee – a great way to end a week of moving it!


  1. Love A's Mardi gras tie-dye shirt!!!

  2. I think A's and Little Man's came out the best. That's probably because I was not the one twisting them. I was a tie-dye newbie! :D Funny, we are studying Africa and one of the art projects is doing tie-dye. The kids were excited that they had all ready done it. I thought it was cool how you timed that with our study and it wasn't even on purpose. :)


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