Monday, January 23, 2012

{In our kitchen} Menu plan for January 23 – 27

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This week I thought that I would challenge myself to use some of the Pinterest pins in the {In the kitchen} section.  Just a little warning…do not visit Pinterest and search for food ideas when hungry…speaking from experience here {laugh}!

Our dinner menu for this week mostly comes from Pinterest pins.  I didn’t want to put too many new things out there for the kids though I honestly don’t think they will complain about the new recipes (links included). 


Roasted chicken (an old recipe for us but easy & well loved), potatoes and carrots, green beans, and spinach salad


Chicken Enchiladas, salad, cornbread


Crock Pot Chicken and Rice, green beans, salad


Eat out night

Friday {Family Fun/Movie Night}

Pizza Casserole, salad, ice cream sundaes

Breakfasts (serve with either fruit or smoothies)

  • oatmeal 2X
  • pancakes
  • cheesy eggs and toast
  • fried eggs and toast
  • Cheese/Peanut butter toast 2X

Lunches (serve with a veggie/salad & fruit)

  • spaghetti
  • sandwiches and pretzels 2X
  • hot dogs and mac & cheese
  • nachos with taco meat, salsa
  • peanut butter sandwich, bananas, pudding


popcorn, fruit, trail mix, apples with peanut butter or try something from here

Menu Plan for Mom who is trying to lose weight


  • oatmeal sweetened with a little brown sugar, fruit, and a sprinkle of pecans
  • boiled eggs and half a grapefruit
  • egg white omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes


  • sandwiches, pretzels, fruit
  • baked chicken (cooking ahead this weekend) and steamed, seasoned veggies


  • smaller portion of dinner menu item, heavy on the veggies, and a salad {smile}

 I will be linking to Menu Plan Monday at Organized Junkie once the link up goes live and I get a break to get back on the computer today.  {smile}


 Hope y’all have a happy Monday! 





  1. HomegrownandbeeyoutifulJanuary 23, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    always gives me inspiration;)

  2. Awww, thanks, Amanda. I can say the same thing about you and your posts. You inspire me in many ways. :) Can't wait to sit and visit one day.

  3. I love the Menu Plan for Mom who is trying to lose weight! It's the same thing over here! Luckily, none of us are big eaters. My kids hardly eat, and my husband also doesn't eat much. We usually just eat fruit, yogurt, or smoothies for breakfast. Lunch is usually something very simple. We have a big supper every night though, and I really have to watch my portions!

  4. Hi Kelli! My problem is that I have a teenage boy and almost teenage boy who eat a lot. Lunch is usually fast and something that they like to eat (hot dogs and stuff like that). Then I want to eat it too! I think I take in a lot of calories at lunch time. So I figured that if I'd plan my lunches and had the chicken precooked that this might help. It's really easy for me to throw some veggies in a pot to steam while the kids' lunch is cooking. I have to watch those portion sizes at supper too. I just try to give myself a little bit of the food so I don't feel deprived. :D Tonight, we ended up making mashed potatoes. I couldn't resist so a few ended up on my plate! They were yummy! :D

    Thanks for visiting!


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