Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 memories

December 14, 2011 120

The decorations are put away.  The Christmas food goodies are almost gone.  But the memories…they last forever! 

Our Christmas was wonderful.  I really loved having Christmas fall on a Sunday.  My Mom, Dad, and Uncle came to worship with us on that day.  I loved that.  Then we all went to our Little White House for some family fellowship.  And I only got one picture on the actual day of Christmas – one. whole.picture.  Not even a good one at that…

December 14, 2011 160

However, that’s not all of our pictures.  We have some wonderful memories from our 2011 Christmas.

Christmas with family and many cousins

December 14, 2011 058

A Christmas parade (one of two that the kids went to this year) and lots of candy catching

December 14, 2011 075

Friends and gingerbread houses

December 14, 2011 095December 14, 2011 091

Lots of laughs, candy, and icing (and two mamas had some time to talk)

December 14, 2011 096

December 14, 2011 099 (cracks me up every year but each gingerbread house always reflects the personality of the maker)

Christmas lights at Roseland

December 14, 2011 113

 December 14, 2011 142

December 14, 2011 144 See the smile on his face?  That’s because he was bouncing the ball that floats on the water! 

Opening a joint gift to all the kiddos (the one in which we surprised them!)

December 14, 2011 147

Christmas was great and now we are just enjoying some days of hanging out with each other and cleaning the house before we start a new year and school starts up again.

I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas season.  See y’all soon!


  1. yes, the memories last forever;)

  2. What wonderful memories!

  3. Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by. We got your card and picture. We loved the card and I was so tickled to share y'alls picture with my kids. They thought it was neat to see someone from up your way whom I know through the blog. Happy New Year to y'all!

  4. Hi Tonya! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the comment. :) Happy New Year to y'all!


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