Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Christmas traditions ~ trimming the tree

November 30, 2011 005

Years ago when David and I had our first child, I remember my Dad encouraging us to start our own holiday traditions.  We have taken his advice and have worked to incorporate traditions that we brought with us from our families as well as some new traditions over the years. 

 This past weekend we decorated our tree.  Actually, the kids decorated it…entirely…and by themselves.  David and I just handed out ornaments and reminded them that breakables needed to go towards the top. {smile}  And even though the tree is a little different that I may have decorated, I think it may be my favorite decorated tree ever.

Some of our Christmas tree decorating traditions are…

Tradition number one:  Each child gets a new special ornament each year. 

The ornament is usually something that is special to the child.  The plan is that the children will take their ornaments to their new homes when they are adults.

November 29, 2011 045 for our cowboy

November 29, 2011 055 for our car lover

November 29, 2011 051 for our animal lover

November 29, 2011 043 for our girly girl

November 29, 2011 052 for our dinosaur lover

Tradition number two: We make new ornaments every year.

November 29, 2011 032

I love monograms so this year we went with these very easy but very cute monogram ornaments.  The glass ornaments can be found at craft stores (and  are usually 1/2 off).  Fill them with a little shredded paper of your choice of color.  (Also at the craft stores) 

November 29, 2011 030 Tie on a few ribbons of your choice.  Stick on a scrapbooking sticker for the letter of your choice and you’ve got a very easy and super cute ornament! 

Tradition number three:  We have gumbo, hot cocoa, and make a special dessert on Christmas tree decorating night. 

Tradition number four:  We listen to Christmas music while we decorate our tree.  (Some how we mixed in a little 80s music this year too.  It was so much fun to see everyone dancing around while decorating the tree.)

Tradition number five:  We add one new family ornament each year.  According to tradition number one, we will be giving away our ornaments when the kids are older.   Since that may result in a very bare tree one day, we are adding a new family ornament each year too.  This year we added

November 29, 2011 039

a monogram ornament


November 29, 2011 057

a coffee pot!


These are our very simple Christmas tree decorating traditions.  The kids love to decorate the tree.  David and I simply love to watch them as they talk about the ornaments, remember Christmases past, and think on the approaching season. 


  1. love hearing of your traditions!
    we have some of the very same ones:)
    love your new header!!!


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