Friday, September 2, 2011

Our homeschooling “must haves”

We all love new school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

Some of my favorite “must have” supplies are:

 September 2, 2011 003 Sticky Notes

I {love} sticky notes and pretty notepads.  I leave notes for myself and the kids everywhere.  Sticky notes torn into thirds mark pages needing to be corrected or mark pages to be read.


September 1,2011 009 A Planner

I’ve talked before of how I {heart} binders and normally I just use a binder for our school planner.  This year, I bought The Well Planned Day planner.  I really like it.  It’s easy to use…and it’s pretty.  That makes me smile.


September 1,2011 010 Blank lesson plan forms

For many years, I’ve used a blank lesson plan form for the kids’ weekly assignment checklists that I’ve printed from Donna Young.  This year I’ve started using a lesson planner that I got from Mama Jenn’s blog

September 2, 2011 001 Index cards

{especially the colored ones} We use index cards for many things…vocabulary, memory work, math facts, games…


September 1,2011 015 Paper Clips

I do use regular silver paper clips.  But sometimes I like a little pizzazz.   Some of my paper clips are the small colored paper clips.  And some are these larger clips.  The pretty one came from a craft store’s dollar spot. 


September 1,2011 011 Spiral Bound Notebooks

Right up there with my love of binders is my love for spiral bound notebooks.   They hold my to-do lists, my thoughts, shopping lists, price lists, budgets, the kids’ grades…and we can’t forget the kids’ work! 


 September 1,2011 017 Color

I love color!  Lots and lots of color!  Colorful highlighters, colorful dry erase markers, color, color, color.  And a few black ones too because sometimes I need to be understated.

September 1,2011 020 Number Cubes

These are used daily around our house.  They are great for playing games, adding numbers, multiplying numbers, counting games, and on & on. 

September 1,2011 022 A good manual pencil sharpener

We are tough on pencil sharpeners.  We’ve broken electric ones and manual ones.  We aren’t picky!  I have found that a manual sharpener stands up to us a little better than an electric one though.  PS.  Check out this blog post where I posted our sharpener from the past…see what I mean about how tough we are on sharpeners? 

What are some of your “must haves” for your homeschool or your home?

I’d love to hear!


  1. Sticky notes, index cards, file folders, and ziplock bags just to name a few. I keeping things sorted in those baggies, I can't imagine school without them.

    Love all the color!

  2. I can not believe I forgot file folders. I use them quite a bit. And I need labels because I reuse the folders over and over again.


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