Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music to my ears

The Little Ones are learning the hymn “This is My Father’s World”.  We added hand movements to make it a little easier for them to remember.  It is adorable to see them as they sing.  It is even sweeter to hear them sing it.  I wish I could share that with you too. 

It is sweet, sweet music to my ears…hearing lovely, pure little voices singing about God.

This is my Father’s World,

September 1,2011 051

and to my listening ears,

September 1,2011 057

all nature sings

and round me rings

the music of spheres.

September 1,2011 058

This is my Father’s World

September 1,2011 052

I rest me in the thought

September 1,2011 053

Of rocks and trees and skies and seas

September 1,2011 054

His hands the wonders wrought.

September 1,2011 055


If you would like to hear what we are singing, here is a clip of a version of “This is My Father’s World” from youtube.


  1. oh, that is THE sweetest thing!!! Hearing our children sing songs about God just does soemthing to me!!

  2. Me too. I want to laugh, smile, and cry at the same time! Dave and I were discussing that we have got to find a way to record them because it is so sweet...maybe my phone...just thought about that! :)

  3. Your babies are so cute. Enjoy this time. God bless your adventures.

  4. Thank you! I think they are pretty cute but I know that I'm biased!


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