Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit city girl

I was born in a large southern city and it was my home during my early years.  At the age of eight, my dad began pastoring a country church in another state.  It was a bit of a culture shock as I learned that I wouldn’t spend every Friday night at a certain seafood restaurant eating popcorn shrimp.  The state we moved to didn’t even have this restaurant in the nearest larger city.  (This restaurant did eventually open in this city though…but many, many years later.)

 September 21, 2011 010

Despite the culture shock of going from city dweller to country dweller,  I learned to love the country during those two years that we lived deep in the country in the church’s parsonage.  There was a pond out in front of the house and I would spend my days there fishing with my Dad and asking him to take the fish off of the hook.  There were woods around the house and I made a little house on the edge.  I played outside daily and encountered all sorts of wildlife.

Then our family moved to a small town.  Our new town was so small that we had one store, one (small) library, a post office, a school, and a caution light!  (They later added a bank too. {smile})  I spent most of my life there in that small town…even came back after college to live there during the first four years of our marriage.  My childhood days were spent working in Grandma’s garden, going hunting with my Dad & brother, and working with friends in chicken houses. 

September 21, 2011 027 the kids eating frozen fruit pops out front…this made me smile

David and I chose to leave that small town with our two young boys and move to a middle-sized city where he worked.  It has been a move that worked for us as we were now able to spend more time together as a family.  David’s commute was cut drastically and we’ve been very happy here.

I’ve lived in one of the largest cities in America right down to a country town that didn’t even have its own zip code!  (It used the zip for a “larger” town nearby.)  Sometimes I wonder if I’m more of a country girl or a city girl?

September 21, 2011 029 my silly kids

I count myself as a country girl.  I love working in the garden and love getting my hands into the dirt.  I love my city chicks.  I love wearing my “muck” boots and walking barefoot through the grass.  I don’t mind animal yuckiness even though I don’t care for blood too much.  I would rather be outside than inside any day.  I love exploring nature and wildlife here in my own backyard.

But I’m a little bit city girl too.  I love to wear high heels and getting my hair highlighted.  I love to wear my wide-legged trouser pants to church with my heels and pearls (and then come home and go check on the chickens while wearing this outfit).   I love the convenience of the city.  I love being able to go out to eat and having many choices.  I love being able to do my shopping in spurts instead of spending one entire day shopping in the “big city”.  I love the activities and culture that the big city has to offer.

September 21, 2011 013

My heart is in the country.  One day we hope that our family will live in the country and have a real farm.  But for today, we live here in the city.  We aren’t really farmers (even though we call it our farm)…we are far from that dream.  But we do try to live a simpler country life here in the city. 

And it can be done.  If you are a city dweller who dreams of living in the country, you can make steps toward that dream.  Turn part of your backyard into a garden.  You will be amazed at what you can grow in a small space.  Learn more about gardening as you work towards your dream of country living.  That’s what we are doing…paying down debt by living a little more simply and learning about gardening.

 September 7, 2011 018

If you are a city dweller who just wants to slow down a little bit, you can do that too.  Evaluate whether you need to add one more activity to your to-do list.  Don’t be afraid to say no when needed and cut back as needed too.  Stay home a little more.  Plant a few vegetables or herbs.  Just enjoy a slower lifestyle even if it’s only for a few days a week. 

Or maybe you are a city dweller and you love the city and don’t care to go country…that’s ok too.  I say just be who you are no matter where you are. 

As for me, I am a little bit country and a little bit city girl.

And I like it that way.  {smile}




  1. yes!

    I feel the same dern way.

    It's bunny but we always talk of moving into the country and something always tugs at us to staty where we are. Mostly I think it's because we can live more ssimply where we are. Lets face it, it's EXPENSIVE to live in the country!!! I've often wondered somethimes why everyone makes such a stink about living out surrounded by acres and acres. Of course it's nice and who wouldn't want this??? But tell me how simple is it. Simple is when you make do with the least as you can. And if you really want to dig deep to find out what simple is, spend some time talking to those that grew up during the depression. That will give you a swift kick in the hiney on what living simple is all about.
    And, while I'm on my soap box here, tell me what's so simple about spending all that gas money to get from here to there when you live way out in the country

    I'm afraid it's not as simple as we would like to think it is.

    okay, i'm stepping down now;-)

    GREAT POST adriane!!!

  2. Yes, the gas for David to drive would eat a hole in our budget. And we wouldn't get to spend as much time with him either. As it is, we can eat lunch with him and he helps me out when I have doctor/dentist appointments, etc.

    Also, my Grandma lived through the depression. Her family were farmers and she worked hard. She still works hard and saves everything. Every time I save a ziploc bag to reuse, I think of her saving bread bags. Right now, she lives very simply on a small income. She definitely inspires me to do better with less.


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