Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Around the Little White House Farm {September}


August 26, 2011 108

September 1,2011 041

Pecky Sue, the Rhode Island Red shown in the background of the above picture, is giving us an egg a day.  So far she is the only bird laying.  The Girls (also known as the City Chicks) are loving the cooler weather we’ve been having.  They spent a large portion of Labor Day out and about in the garden.

September 7, 2011 006

After many, many days of over 100+ degree temperatures which left me neglecting the garden, we finally had some temps that inspired us to get out and clean up the garden.  We harvested peanuts and pulled many plants.  Soon, we will be putting in the fall garden.  We are so very thankful for the much cooler temperatures these past few days. 

September 7, 2011 019

Most of the garden boxes have been pulled and are awaiting some seeds for the fall but we do have a few things that stood up to the high temps we’ve had this summer:

September 7, 2011 021 okra

September 7, 2011 022 Butternut squash

September 7, 2011 024 Cayenne Pepper

September 7, 2011 029 watermelon

September 7, 2011 016

After the hottest summer that I can ever remember, we have finally had temps down in the 80s.  It has been heavenly!  Labor Day was so nice that we opened all the windows and left the air conditioner off for most of the day.  It makes me want to decorate for fall…love it!

September 7, 2011 035

Now it is time for us to plant some fall crops and some fruit trees.  We are also waiting to see which City Chick will be the next egg layer. 

There’s always something fun happening at the Little White House Farm!



  1. Gee, your garden looks fantastic. We are coming in to Spring, so the inspiration is really great! Thanks.

  2. We finally got some cooler temps too. What are you planting in your fall garden?

  3. It all looks great! And peanuts? You grew peanuts?! That's so cool!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful. What do you use the cayenne pepper in? Yes, I got it in my eyes once and I've been afraid of it ever since. Banana pepper is the hottest I grow and this year I planted one plant we only got one pepper. Since Labor Day we are enjoying the cooler temps, now if it will just rain. Happy Thursday.

  5. Thank you, Grace. Enjoy your spring! We are entering fall...and so glad. My two favorite times of the year are spring and fall. :)

  6. We are going to plant collard, mustard, and turnip greens. We like greens and the chickens love them too. We figured it would be a good way to get some green in them during the winter. Other than that, just going to let the garden rest during the winter.

  7. We did...and learned some lessons about peanuts from our first try at planting them. They are interesting plants, for sure!

  8. Thank you. I originally intended to use the cayenne in a pepper sauce but got kind of too busy to do it (though it's actually quite easy to do...I think the heat took my garden love away for a while). My husband loves his food with heat so he cuts them up and eats them on just about everything...sandwiches, tex-mex, really just about everything. He takes the extras to some of his co-workers who love to do the same. None of our other peppers did well this year...we got a few jalapenos but no banana peppers or poblano peppers produced. We too need the rain. Our area is experiencing a lot of wildfires right now. Happy weekend to you!


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