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Tuesday is Kitchen Day

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In the Little White House, Tuesdays are Kitchen Days.  Well, except for this past Tuesday which turned out to be get-a-phone-call-and-get-together-with-new-friends day!  Sometimes a Mom needs a day like that so Kitchen Day was a little different than normal. 

So this list…

August 2, 2011 020

will have to wait until next week.  (Except for the things that just can’t wait.  Those are being squeezed into Laundry Day.)

My main goal for having a Kitchen Day is to get some freezer cooking done so that it will be easier for me to get dinner on the table at night and avoid going out to eat.  I don’t know about you but once I’ve finished a hard day of work in our home and homeschool, sometimes the last thing I want to do is stand over the stove and whip up a meal.  And some days, I just don’t have time because we may be heading out the door. Mornings are also a lot easier for all of us if there are some breakfast meals in the freezer. 

Last week, kitchen day consisted of me taking inventories of our pantry and our freezers.  I used printable forms from Organized Home to help me inventory what we have on hand.  From these lists, I am planning meals using what we have and will use the forms again on Thursday as I plan our shopping lists on Office Day. 

August 2, 2011 027

Speaking of shopping lists, this “World’s best” grocery list is hanging on our refrigerator.  As we run out or get low of certain items in the kitchen, we simply mark what is needed for the next shopping trip.  No more forgetting what we need to buy! 

Next Tuesday (and probably another day too) will be a “fill the freezer” day as we prepare for school to begin the following week.  For more information on freezer cooking or once a month cooking, here are some great sites to visit:

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  1. HomegrownandbeeyoutifulAugust 3, 2011 at 9:39 PM continue to inspire me. always. My friend Renee {swears} by having a day of the week to do things. I really works for her. she has 5 children and one on the way:) and she manages to get it all done. They RARELY go out to eat and she always has food in the freezer to even take to a friend who just had a baby {wink, wink} she is amazing! Just like yourself my sweet Adriane. I totally need to do this. Today I tackled my school cabinet while Ava took her morning nap. We only got half way done, but that's half way right? Once I feel like I'm ready for school my next thing is project kitchen. I've depleted all of my freezer meals from after baby and it stinks! Oh it was good while it lasted, but I need more!!! I've fallen behind on bread baking and seriously need to get back on the wagon with this one. I keep telling myself, shew, so your right, it's good to have your freezer stocked with EVERYTHING. After a long day the last thing you want to think about is preparing a home cooked meal. Thanks for all the wonderful linkups. I plan to come back when i have more time to check them all out. I am heading over now to print that grocery list:-)

  2. Thanks, Amanda. When we've had babies around here...sometimes it felt like I got little more done than holding/feeding a baby and maybe a semi-warm meal on the table (which was probably later than my family would like). That's just a slower season of life. And it's good. Some days I truly miss that. You'll get it done. Like you said, one day at a time. A little bit done is more than you had done a while ago. :) My Mom always says that the house and stuff will be there tomorrow but babies grow up...and quickly. She is so right. Just do what you can, every little bit helps. And before you know it, the season of your life will change again (and it might repeat) :)
    Not preachin' at you. Please know that. I know I can (and did and still do) beat myself up over not getting it all done. That's why my Mom is always telling me that the house will be there but my kiddos will grow up...and quickly. ;) I didn't want you to be discouraged...that's all.
    Love ya, friend!
    Just remembered that I need to go check out your freezer meal post too!


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