Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday is Cleaning Day

I love to start the week with a clean house. 

August 2, 2011 006

One thing that I really like about using Motivated Moms is that the chores are broken down into a little bits and pieces over the week.  I remember at one time being able to clean our entire house in one day but those days rarely happen anymore.   

In the above picture, you can see the chores that were scheduled for Monday.  Normally, those chores take me about 30 minutes to an hour.  (Our flooring is wood so our house requires a mopping instead of just vacuuming.)

 August 2, 2011 015

Since I’ve set aside Mondays for my main cleaning day, I made a list of the things I prioritized as most important from the list and then added a few extras that I noticed needed to be done today also.

My Mom told me a long time ago to put only six things on my daily to-do list (besides the everyday stuff like making beds, wiping counters, etc.).  She told me that most of the time, that is all that you will be able to get done over the course of a day.  I have found that to be true. 

In our home, my priorities are (1) a clean kitchen, (2) clean toilets, (3) clean floors, and (4) clean laundry.  I can live with dust but the above four things I need to keep clean.  ~smile~

HAugust 2, 2011 018 

After lunch, all of the Motivated Moms list was accomplished.  I delegated the cleaning of the chicken coop and run to the guys in the family.  The mopping of floors usually waits until the kids go to bed.  (Or the wet floors become skating rinks.)  And the pots and pans cabinet never got cleaned out.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time.  But I did get to hang out with the kids while they swam, took a nap with my Baby Boy, and did some bedtime reading with the kids.  They are why I am at home so I try to make sure that they get their time too.  ~smile~

Here are my tips for a cleaning day:

  • Prioritize what is important to you in your home and focus on cleaning that.
  • Only put six things on your list and don’t sweat it if you don’t finish.  It will be there tomorrow (as my sweet Mom always says).
  • Delegate as needed.  Everyone can pitch in and help.  Just make sure the chores are age appropriate for the kids.
  • If you homeschool, you will have to work cleaning into your day.  On Mondays, I usually start school an hour later so I can do some quick cleaning.
  • When you finish cleaning, step back and smile knowing that you just showed your family some love.  Consider bringing in some flowers or lighting a candle. 
  • (Talking to myself here…)  Don’t stress if the kids come behind you and track in dirt or make a mess right after you have cleaned.  Simply have them clean up after themselves.  ~smile~

August 2, 2011 031

Since Tuesday is Kitchen Day, I started a list of things I wanted to cook on Tuesday to make sure that I prepped what needed to be prepped before I went to bed.

More on that later.  ~smile~

August 2, 2011 020

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