Friday, August 5, 2011

Carpe Diem ~

And that, folks, is the extent of my Latin.

It is Latin, right?


Whatever it is, I do know what it means.

Seize the Day

August 5, 2011 009

I love schedules, list, routines…if it organizes my days, I love it.

Those things keep me moving forward, give me focus, and help me to feel like I’ve had purpose to my days.

But there is one thing I have to always remember about schedules, lists, routines, etc.  It is that they are simply tools.

I don’t need to let them rule my life and make me miserable.  If I’m feeling stressed about completing a list and snapping at my family, then I know that I need to step away from the list.

August 5, 2011 013 It’s so hot here right now.  (111 degrees one day!)  So outside time consists of swimming in the pool and jumping in the sprinkler at the same time.  Even though it was dusk when this picture was taken, it was still very hot outside.

This week I did ok with keeping myself from being so focused on a list and I stayed fairly laid back.  (Trust me, sometimes I am so not laid back!)  But I realized the importance of just throwing the schedules, lists, routines out the window for a while.

August 5, 2011 025 Sorry for blurry pictures.  My camera doesn’t do so well in low light.  But notice that the kids had set up a spot light for their night swim!  Cracked me up!


The other night, the kids asked if they could go swimming. 

It was bedtime. 

Now, I realize that they may have been trying to stretch out that bedtime as late as possible.  They always want to stay up later.  (Which I so don’t get.  I’d go to bed early if someone made me!) 

And even though it was late.  We said “YES”.

Seize the Day

August 5, 2011 035

They swam for quite a while that night.  David and I actually got to sit and talk to each other for a while.  It was nice.

 August 5, 2011 069

The next morning, they asked to go swimming again. 

I looked at my awaiting to-do list and said “YES”. 

Summer is almost over.  School will bring with it routines, schedules, and lists. 

Seize the Day

Childhood goes by rather quickly.  I have one child who will begin high school in one year!  I want his memories of his childhood to be filled with fun family times.

Will the work that needs to be done get done?


Will everything on the list get done?

Maybe not today.  ~smile~

But I’ve got happy kids.  And happy kids make for a happy mom.  We all know that a happy mom makes for a happy home. 

Carpe Diem

And now I’m off to seize my day.  Today I will be catching up those things on my to-do list that can’t wait and probably going out to sit in 100 plus degrees while kiddos swim. 

This weekend will be a weekend of fixing up the school area and there is something pretty big happening this weekend too! ~wink~ 

Next week, will probably be a lot of homeschool talk since that’s all I can think about.  ~smile~  But if you need a little weekend reading, check out the curriculum choices on the “Not” Back to School Blog Hop

Have a blessed weekend, my blog friends!


  1. There is a lotta truth in this post, but the biggest is that there is going to be some good times thrown down this weekend! Love to you! (not to get caught up on other other Carpe Order de Casa posts - that's supposed to be Seize the Order of the House...ahem.)

  2. oh. are you on pinterest yet? oh, you must!!

  3. I am. I LOVE it! So can I find you and follow you there? Do you go by your name? I am Adriane W, I think... :)

  4. I liked your Splatinish (that's spanish, latin, and english ;) at least I think it was those languages. So thankful that Rosetta Stone will be teaching my kiddos foreign language! :) Love to you too! Have a great weekend!

  5. All righty, I found you on Pinterest and I'm going to follow. :)

  6. Clearly *I* don't need Rosetta Stone. :) *snort* Glad we got hooked up on Pinterest! yay!!!

  7. Splatinish. I am expecting Rose(tta) to tweet or FB or Plurk or hoohaa me any day now to get me going on the Splatinish program. It's gonna be off the hooke.

    (this is terrible. i am making myself laugh ridiculously loud.)


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