Friday, August 12, 2011

A little blog break

Hey Y'all!

I was not intending to take a blog break because I've got so much to talk about right now like:
school rooms
gardens (in 100 plus temperatures)
and the city chicks...
not to mention my five city~country kids and their antics
my laptop is not working
it has Windows Live Writer on it.
To top it off, our PC won't let Windows Live Writer fully work on it!
And I don't know about you but I find typing my posts on this blogger post writing thing entirely too hard.

I am spoiled by Windows Live Writer. 
(If you don't use Windows Live Writer, it is a free download.  Just do a quick search and download.  It makes writing blog posts super easy!)

So, I guess I'm on an unexpected blog break.
When my sweet husband gets a chance to see if he can get Windows Live Writer working on the PC or get the laptop working again (we think it's the powercord on the laptop)  then I will be back again.
Then I'll be all about telling you about
school rooms
first day of school
the city chicks
and my five city~country kids.   
Have a blessed weekend!  See y'all soon.  {smile}   


  1. David worked on it for quite a while today and our pc is still having issues with Live Writer. I may have to get used to writing on blogger's post thing. Of course, this all happens when I have a lot to talk about. :D


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