Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting well


July 11, 2011 002

The other day, I showed you the big mess in our living room as we prepare for school.  I have been organizing, purging, and cleaning like crazy.  (Now I’m down to only one box to organize and then it’s the fun stuff ~ planning the school year and making our school areas all cute-like.)  

I’m doing so much now before the school year even begins because I want us to start well.  If we start well with an organized home, routines & systems in place, and an organized school, then my hope is that our school year will go more smoothly.  In my mind, starting well = peace of mind + happy mom + happy kids + happy husband which ultimately equals a peaceful home. 

There will be more on our organized school later but first, I want to start with our organized home.  All summer, I’ve been working in our home to de-clutter and organize.  I’ve been trying to start routines and cleaning systems Besides the daily cleaning that is assigned on my Motivated Moms chart, I’ve assigned each day a task to be done or an area of focus. 

You may remember Ma Ingalls doing this in The Little House on the Prairie books.  I’ve also seen it around the web (at the old Large Family Logistics blog and my friend Salinda’s blog).  I’ve also assigned each day a focus for our home.

Sunday is the Lord’s Day

Monday is Cleaning Day

Tuesday is Kitchen Day

Wednesday is Laundry Day

Thursday is Office Day

Friday is Homeschool Prep Day

Saturday is Grocery/Errand Day and Garden/Yard work Day

This week, my plan is to blog how I incorporated each of these days into our home.  I would like to show what I did on those days, how I planned for those days, and maybe some resources that I used. 

I will see you Monday evening with a look at our Monday is Cleaning Day. 

Do you have any days assigned as a particular focus day in your home?  If you do, I’d love to hear about it!


  1. great idea! now, if i can only find a piece of paper and pencil to write down...... ;0
    i think it's time for me to go to bed!

  2. Sweet Country LifeAugust 2, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Adriane~ I am so with you on this!
    My dining room is a big chunk of a mess while I sort and although I loosely follow a schedule....I read Large Family Logistics and I am going to be very intentional about a program this school year. And I, like you, need order to move forward.
    Great post and I look forward to following your progress.
    Love ya, Kristin


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