Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preschool Activity Bags

Remember when I wrote about preparing for a preschool activity bag swap?

Here are the twenty activity bags that I got to bring home!

July 30, 2011 031

Not only did I come home with some fun activities for my younger children but I got to spend a few hours talking with other homeschool moms. 

We laughed, gave advice, listened, discussed curriculum, and laughed some more.

I always forget how much I need to be connected with other homeschool moms.  It helps to talk with those who are walking the road that you are walking. 

July 30, 2011 032

My little ones are so excited to begin the new school year so they can play their new school games!

If you are interested in a preschool activity swap, here is some information on that.   (There are also activity bags for older kids too.)


  1. Sending a kiss your way!! I really wanted to know about this gig when you posted it before -- thank you!!!

  2. This was a great way to get some preschool activities. I spent about 5 - 6 hours on my games (I did the hand activity). I got 20 games at the swap and that would have taken me way more than 5 - 6 hours to do (not to mention the money I would have spent). The lady who organized it said that it was really easy to pull together too. We're thinking about doing another one later on in the school year too.


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