Saturday, June 4, 2011

The first week of summer ~

 June 4, 2011 016

We just finished our first week on our summer schedule.  It went really well.  We did not do school every day but the days we did…well, let’s just say that the pool is a very motivating factor in helping children finish up math & reading.  It has me wondering how to keep our pool open year round.  {wink}

June 4, 2011 030

The kids made their summer to-do lists this week and I was given permission to share it on my blog.  I thought it would be fun to get a peek into what they look forward to this summer.  By the way, they LOVE our summer to-do list.  I have added a few more educational goals than I previously listed but they don’t seem to mind at all.  They keep saying,

“We get to do all of that this summer!” and “We’re gonna have so much fun!”

And that is my goal…a fun but purposeful summer.  {smile}

June 4, 2011 033 The girls decorated my hair with wildflowers while I weeded the strawberries. 

Now on to the kids’ summer to-do lists…

Bryce’s list (13 year old)

  • learn how to play guitar
  • jog a mile
  • hold my breath under water for a minute
  • go swimming almost every day of summer
  • read the whole Bible
  • go through a whole day without playing my DS (video game system)
  • go through a whole day without watching TV
  • draw abstract drawings of animals
  • get the chicken eggs
  • work on my blog some more
  • spend time with daddy and draw with him
  • go on the youth mission trip
  • cook gumbo
  • go fishing

June 4, 2011 021 Grant planted random sunflower seeds throughout the garden without me knowing it.  This one is HUGE!  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Grant’s list (11 years old)

  • go to Magic Springs and Disney World  (he’s my dreamer)
  • go to the fountains
  • ride bikes
  • paint
  • go to the lake all week long
  • drive a car
  • drive a four wheeler
  • get a water melon and have a seed spitting contest
  • play football
  • swim all day
  • go to friend’s house
  • get the chickens’ eggs
  • go to children’s camp

June 4, 2011 028

Emma’s list (8 years old)

  • swim
  • paint better
  • go to the zoo
  • learn about animals
  • ride horses
  • petting zoo
  • cook a meal
  • shop with my birthday money
  • get ice cream from the ice cream truck
  • play with my friends
  • go to children’s camp

June 4, 2011 006

Mom’s list 

I decided to keep my list kind of simple this year. ~

  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Read books for homeschool encouragement
  • Read one classic book this summer (still need to pick it out)
  • Lose ten more pounds before my birthday (in August)
  • Clean out the closets
  • Learn how to make salsa verde (growing tomatillas this year and I LOVE salsa verde) and learn new recipes to use my garden produce
  • Write a preschool curriculum to use with Baby boy next year…still thinking about it and planning in my head…not sure if this will be accomplished
  • Make activity bags for the little ones for the school year (a friend and I are going to work together on this)
  • Organize the school areas
  • Sew something for myself

I hope your summer is off to a great start.  Have a blessed weekend! 


  1. A fun but purpuseful summer, I like that.

    Looks as if you all have lots of plans to keep you busy.

    (I left a response to your comment in my comment section, by the way:)

  2. I love it!!! We just got home, so I'm reading this in a rush, but even read as a blur, I love it!


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