Thursday, June 30, 2011

38 days


In 38 days, I will be…

I just can’t say it, yet.

But it’s going to be my birthday in 38 days.

And it’s going to be a big one. 

The one that starts with “4” and ends with “0”.

And I am very thankful that if, Lord willing, I celebrate my birthday on that day that He has granted me every day of those “4” “0” years on earth to commune with Him and receive blessings that I truly don’t even begin to deserve.  So please understand, I am not complaining about being granted life and living.

But those digits, you know, the “4” and the “0”, they scare me a little bit…especially when they are together.

This just seems to be where one crosses from “not so young” into the “really not so young” category.  I guess I could just say that I’m getting wiser.  ~smile~

Now that I’ve expressed my vain concerns, let me talk a little bit more about some deeper concerns. 

About a year ago, I talked of my weight loss concerns and how I wanted to lose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday.  Well, I am close to that goal date now and I have not met my goal.  I have lost 16 pounds but have gained about three pounds back.  Part of me had just resigned myself to being a plus size and I was going to live my life at this size.  I mean, I am active and I eat ok…not great but ok. 

But then I had a wake up call. 

First, it was the back pain.  It’s all sciatic nerve pain but my weight does not help at all.

And then, I found out that my mom has some concerns with her heart.  She’s going to have surgery soon.  (prayers appreciated, please) 

I see myself and my loved ones getting older and I am seeing our bodies age. 

I know that I will continue in a downward spiral with my health that could possibly lead to worse problems.  It is time to change.  I want to be healthy and able-bodied to be an active part of my kids' lives until God calls me home. 

So changes are being made.  Changes that will hopefully repair any damage I’ve done to the body.  Changes that will carry on with me and help me to be an active mom to my babies. 

I will document on and off some of the progress here on my blog.  I’m even going to post a before picture (to follow with some after pictures) and my current weight to show the progress as I lose.  And if you’ve been around a while, you know that I’ve never posted my current weight. 

And I’m not doing this to boost my ego or any thing like that.  (Like posting my weight will boost my ego…haha) I’m doing it to hopefully inspire or encourage some who may be where I am today.

I know that it inspires me to see others who have fought the good fight and have made the changes they needed.  So I’m going to leave you with two blogs of people who inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The Kelley Eight



On Monday (or Sunday eve), I will post my plans for exercise for the week and how I plan to approach this weight loss and a picture with my current weight.  Yikes! 


  1. You are certainly wise, no matter what the number says. It is wise to understand and appreciate the importance of taking care of your "temple." We are commanded to be stewards, not just of our money and our time, but of our bodies. It is true that God made each of us differently, and that we need to be ok with that, but we also need to consider what that is, and strive to care for this earthly body. Good for you for (a) accepting yourself, but (b) seeing where changes are needed and tweaking needs to take place. I also feel honored as a blog reader that you would share with us all this part of your life -- we all support you!!

  2. God knows your heart and struggles. 40 is just a number and the number on your scales is just another number. Your right, what matter most is your health and how you feel and that is one number you can't count:)

    Love you friend and I'm praing for you!

  3. I almost used the word "temple" when writing my post! I recently came across that verse again and was struck with how I misuse God's temple. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the consequences of those decisions. Right now, I am in the midst of planning our eating for the next week. I plan to take my family with me on this journey as we all begin to take better care of our bodies so that we can be used for the glory of God!

    And thank you for the support. I will be needing it. :)

  4. Thank you, Amanda. I know it is very vain to be worried about 40. It's a weakness of mine, I'll admit it. :) I just remember when I thought 40 was old and now, here I am, and I realize that it's really not that old. :)

    I appreciate your prayers. This will be hard for me. Weight loss is hard especially as you get older. But the hardest thing for me is giving up the sodas. I feel like once I get that kicked (with God's help) then half of the battle is won.

    Love you too, friend! :)


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