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Menu plan for May 15 - 21

May 13, 2011 155

I love to read menu plans!  Maybe it’s because I have a love for organization tools.  Or maybe it’s because I find lots of new ideas from other’s menu plans. 

I have found that having a menu plan for the week is good for keeping me on track and for keeping me from spending extra money on take out meals or those quick little trips to the store because I forgot something.  What’s not to love about that?  {smile}


This week our family’s menu plan looks like this:


  • Muffins & fruit
  • Taco Salad, chips & salsa/nacho cheese dip
  • Sandwiches, carrot sticks with dip, fruit


  • Pancakes & sausage
  • Quesadillas, carrot sticks & broccoli with dip, applesauce
  •  Roast chicken, rice, veggies, salad


  • Smoothies and scrambled eggs with ham & cheese
  • Chicken patties, baked fries, fruit
  • Chicken fajitas, salad, beans & corn


  • Waffles & berries
  • Chicken chef salad or sandwiches, peaches
  • Potato soup with BLT sandwiches


  • Smoothies and cheese/peanut butter toast
  • Hot dogs, baked fries, applesauce
  • Stir-fry chicken over rice with stir fry veggies, rolls or bread sticks


  • Fried eggs & toast, fruit
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks & broccoli, fruit
  • Homemade Pizza, salad, dessert


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  1. Sounds good to me! Y'all love mexican/tex mex, don't you? :)

  2. Yum!
    I love to read menu plans too.

    It really gives me great inspiration!


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