Saturday, April 2, 2011

A peek at our week ~

A few weeks back, my oldest son told me that he hadn’t been seeing me take many pictures any more.  I love taking pictures almost as much as I love gardening.  But I had to agree with him.  I had been a little out of touch with camera. 

So this week, I have tried to snap at least one picture a day.  I love to look back through my older blog posts and see our simple everyday goings-on.  So I thought that I’d share a little peek at our week here on the blog.  {smile}


March 30, 2011 007

We have rejoined the raw milk co-op and we picked up some farm fresh eggs to go with our milk.  {YUM}

 April 2, 20ll 001

We are trying to hatch Triops eggs.  Hopefully they will hatch because I forgot to feed them before David and I left for a weekend retreat.  Opps!  (I typed this while away from home.) 

April 2, 20ll 014

A trip to the craft store resulted in my older boys coming home with some miniatures to put together.  We are studying American History this year so they are very interested in things concerning the wars.  (Especially my oldest son)  In the evenings after the little ones go to sleep, David and the boys share some time putting together these little miniatures and talking. 

April 2, 20ll 029

We received some rain this week and that resulted in the puddle jumpers being put on and mud puddle hopping on the giraffe.  This picture was taken about 30 or so minutes before Baby Boy went to ER for a possible broken foot.  The foot was NOT broken nor was it a result of mud puddle hopping!  {wink}

April 2, 20ll 032

The rain also gave us an excuse to make mud pies.  Sunshine Girl said that they were “gusting” (disgusting).  I told her that we don’t actually eat them.  She was ok with making mud pies after that. 

April 2, 20ll 018

After every trip to the library, we come home with many art books.  My children seem to have their Daddy’s artistic abilities.  I am never at a loss for art to decorate my home.  {wink}

April 2, 20ll 020

Every spring, these white flowers bloom in our back yard.   We don’t cut our grass until these flowers are finished because they are visited by many bees.  Of course, I have learned (the hard way) not to walk through the flowers while wearing flip-flops!

April 2, 20ll 038

On Friday morning, we made some doughnuts.  Baby Boy could not wait for me to finish taking the picture!

 I hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Oh those donuts!

    I could sure go for one right about now;)

    Loved peeking in at your week!

  2. A week in photos :) It says so much! I love it!! Those donuts look good :)


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