Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taking our school outside ~

The weather has been so nice lately that it is hard to stay inside and focus on school work.  So when we can, we take our school outside!

March 1, 2011 126

In science, the older kids are learning about animals.  Last week, we were talking about worms so we headed out doors to search for worms.

March 1, 2011 121

We searched in the usual places where the worms tend to congregate.  We were even successful in finding a few annelid friends.

March 1, 2011 130

We even found a few more discoveries…some of the creepy crawly nature and some not…

March 1, 2011 119 We aren’t really sure what this is…yet.  :smile:

March 1, 2011 125 Rolie Polies are always a favorite to find.


March 1, 2011 147 As we were digging for worms, we found this old car buried in the ground.  It looks very old and since our house is old, we wonder if it is from some children who grew up here in the 50s or 60s. 

While we’re outside studying nature, we also fit in a little P.E. and recess…

March 1, 2011 112

March 1, 2011 178 Could this be considered physics?  {smile}

March 1, 2011 106

We love taking our school outside!


Computer problems…

I wanted to add a little note to let you all know that I’m having some computer problems.  For some reason, I can not view some of your blogs.  I get a “This page can not be opened” message.  We thought we had the problem fixed and then it happened again this morning.  So if I’ve been absent from your blog, that is why.  I am really missing reading some of my favorite blogs!  I’m hoping to be able to chat with some of you again soon!


  1. What a great day! I love all your pictures, especially your l'il lady under the quilt! I eagerly await the days of clothesline castles out there! And that car -- what a story it must have!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Look at those shorts! I'm so jealous!!! I can't wait for flip flop days. They found some cool things while exploring outside!

  3. Yes, wouldn't you love to know the story of the children who played there?

  4. I wish you all could see the other side of the car. Do you see the man in the window on the driver's side? The passenger side has a woman! My kids thought that was so neat!


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