Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The snow day that didn’t happen and organizing a home ~

February 9, 2011 211

Our area was supposed to be hit with snow, ice, and rain today but it didn’t happen. Well, the rain happened but nothing of the frozen kind.  I can’t say that I’m really all that disappointed.  I’m really ready for spring.  My kids are too.  They had all ready said that they didn’t want it to snow today.

February 9, 2011 205

The area schools even canceled school last night in an effort to avoid any accidents today.  Since we are homeschoolers, we carried on.  I’d rather get our 180 days in now so we can be outside when the weather gets nicer.

February 9, 2011 208

While Flower Girl was reading her book to us, the little ones and I painted with red, white, and glitter. (The silver is actually glitter paint to add to colors.)   Flower Girl joined us in painting as soon as she finished up her chapter.

February 9, 2011 209

We painted many red and pink hearts.  The girls have plans to give them away to friends.  I painted this one while planning a little at home date night for my love and me on Valentine’s Day. 

February 9, 2011 212

On nice weather days, we usually go outside after lunch and come in for some quiet time of history read alouds while trying to get Baby Boy to sleep for his nap.  Because of today’s rain, we couldn’t go outside so I thought the kids would have fun learning how to crochet.  It is one way to keep hands busy while sitting. 

February 9, 2011 214

Everyone tried their hands at learning to crochetBaby Boy got so into his crocheting that I had to cut it off of his arm.  {smile}

So we missed out on the snow today but we had a fun non-existent snow day anyway!


Now on to organizing a house…

We are really not that big of a family but it seems that since we have added the fifth child that there is a need for improved organization around here.  The need is even more apparent now that I’ve become involved in the music ministry again.  I prayed long and hard about becoming involved in these ministries again.  My family is still my first ministry and I plan to keep it that way.  However, I did and still do feel God leading me to use my talents in these settings.  That’s a whole other post that probably won’t get posted.  {smile}

Now back to organization…

Our family needs improved organization.  I need this home to run on an “auto-pilot” of sorts.  It is exhausting always having to remind this child of this and that child of that.  We need it all written out in a way that everyone contributes to the running of the home and no one has to guess what needs to be done.  I’ve been talking with David about this and am planning to work on it bit by bit, piece by piece until things fall into place a little better.  I think that we will all enjoy a home that runs smoothly and has less stressed parents.

Then, today I stumbled across the blog, Large Families on Purpose.  I truly don’t think that I stumbled upon it.  I believe that God led me there.  She is sharing her organization and it is exactly what I needed to read!  When I shared it with David, I could hear excitement and relief in his voice.  See, we really need some organization around here! 

We are about to enter a HUGE organization over haul at our home and I hope to share it with you!  Look for bits and pieces of it soon.  ~


  1. Cute Valentine's pics!

    Good luck with the organization can't wait to see pics. :-)

    have a great weekend!


  2. Hello! This is Erika (of "Large Families On Purpose")! It's so exciting to read that you are headed towards new organization in your home and family - blessings on your efforts! We would really love to hear how things go as you make changes, and of what blessings your discover as a result. And would love to hear of any additional ideas you discover as you make things fit for your own family. *cheers!*


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