Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Preschool fun ~

February 23, 2011 033

It is amazing the amount of learning that happens when you are having fun!

The little ones think that they are just having fun as they paint, glitter, and eat but they are really learning…


February 23, 2011 039


February 23, 2011 058

counting, graphing, classifying, and colors

February 23, 2011 053

writing skills

February 23, 2011 048


February 23, 2011 064

And for those times when they want to do school like the big kids, these books are wonderful. 

February 23, 2011 060 Workbooks are from Rod and Staff.  The Kumon workbook was found at Barnes and Noble.  Kumon workbooks can also be found in many homeschooling resources such as Rainbow Resources

While I sing, paint, glitter, snuggle, dance, run, read, count, and many other fun things with my little ones… I am blessed with this:

February 23, 2011 056

Learning is fun! 


  1. oh, how fun! I like those pictures on the R&S workbooks, very vintage-y :) I need to check those out...

  2. ps - are there posts on how you get this time with your preschoolers? I need to start looking!

  3. She is writing her name!
    That is the coolest thing about this post!

    Love seeing what ya'll are up to.

  4. Thank you Sally and Amanda! I need to drop by y'alls places too. It has been very busy around here. :)

    Sally ~ I will try to write a post soon about how I fit in time with the preschoolers during the school day. I can't remember if I've written anything or not but I'll write one soon.

    If I don't see you all soon on your blogs, have a great weekend!

  5. Love this post - it really does look like so much fun! I'm really liking the look of some of those books too... off to google them and see what they are. :)


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