Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A daybook for early February ~


Outside my window

COLD!  Yet on Saturday, it was in the seventies and I spent a large amount of time outside in the garden.  Today, a storm swept through and dropped the temperature by 30ish degrees.  It is COLD!  But I sure did enjoy that touch of spring in the middle of winter

 I am listening to

Three children who just surrounded me out of no where!  Now they are laughing because they are reading over my shoulder!  However, mostly I’m listening to coughing and the TV as we weather a flu virus in our home. 

I am wearing

 Jeans, two pairs of socks, a shirt, and a tan hoodie sweater.  I’m cold.  {smile}

I am so grateful for

~Restored energy and health as I’ve had a sick family to care for this past week.  I feel better than I have in months. 

~ That somehow, someway, my body has resisted this flu bug in our home.  I’m the only one who has been well this past week.  Thank you God for this blessing!

I am pondering

in everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”    I Thessalonians 5:3

I am reading

 ~reading through the Bible in 90 days even though I’m really far behind the schedule.

~rereading The Maker’s Diet.  I’m wondering if all of this illness is due to weakened immune systems due to our diet and environment. 

~rereading Educating the Wholehearted Child.  I need a little homeschool motivation as we approach the point of burnout in the school year.

I am thinking

 about how it has taken me almost two hours to write just this little bit of this blog post.  There have been stops for baths, temperature checks, pouring drinks, dispersing hugs, etc.  It’s hard to fit this blog into real life sometimes.

I am creating

 I’ve been working on some new cloth napkins.  Our old ones have seen better days.  Also I’ve been planning to sew some jumpers for my younger daughter for the spring and maybe a new dress for me.  I need to find some age appropriate dress or skirt patterns for my seven year old.

In the school room

 Honestly, school has been kind of quiet the last week as the kids have been in bed with the flu.  We have fit in some of our history readings about the Revolutionary War.  I’ve been reconsidering some of what we do in our school and how to make it more Charlotte Mason-like.

I am hoping

 that my kids feel better soon.  They are miserable.  I just tucked the three little ones into bed and almost cried as I looked into their little sick eyes.  Kids’ eyes always look so weak & lack-luster when they are sick.

I am praying

 ~for the health of my family.

~for my brother-in-law, Scott, and his family as he faces deployment soon.

Around the house

 There’s not a lot going on this week until the flu passes on by.  Mainly, I’ve just been trying to keep it as clean as possible while keeping the kiddos and David comfortable.  Oh, and there has been lots & lots of hand washing.  Flower Girl says that I’m germaphobic.  {smile}

From the kitchen

 We had a huge pot of chicken noodle soup with lots of immune-boosting garlic and cayenne pepper yesterday.  Today we had the leftovers for lunch.  For a little comfort for the family, I made some of their favorite rolls and cinnamon rolls too.  Tonight, David ordered some pizza so I could have the night off in the kitchen. 

One of my favorite things

 A cup of coffee with white chocolate mocha latte creamer.  It has been the bright point of these long days.  {smile}

A few plans for the rest of the week

 If Flower Girl feels better by Friday, she has a Girls’ Night at the church.  I hope she is better by then.   The first thing she said when she began to feel sick was, “Will I get to go to Girls’ Night?”  (They are going to be cake decorating and she does not want to miss it.)

Praise team practice for me and the scheduling of future dental appointments for everyone.  We are keeping it very simple this week. 

A picture that I’d like to share

 This is what my counter has looked like this last week:

January 4, 2011 092

Flower Girl brought the flowers in to me before she got sick while I was helping her two older brothers who were sick at the time.  I thought that if I placed the flowers in the midst of the sick-fighting tools that it would add a little beauty to such an ugly illness.  {smile}


  1. A beautiful datebook along with a beautiful photos:)

  2. It's okay that you are behind in your Bible in 90 Days reading... just schedule the time to catch up so you don't fall any more behind. You CAN do this. And you will if you really want to. :)

  3. OH! Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Buttercups and those that look similar are my FAVORITE! I hate that you all are so under the weather! I hope your family gets feeling better very soon!

  4. So sorry everyone is sick! Praying for your family!

  5. Thanks everyone. It has been some kind of day today but good news: one more child is over this stuff. Now just three more kids and a husband to go. :)

    @Amy ~ I truly do want to read the Bible in 90 days but I did not anticipate being sick the entire time or my family being sick too. It is hard to schedule extra time to read the Bible this quickly when you're worn out from fighting illness and from caring for a sick family. I am so behind that I honestly don't think it is possible to catch up. I'll just set a goal of reading it all this year and spending some time in the Word everyday.

  6. Praying you all feel better soon!

  7. Praying you all feel better soon!

  8. OH! Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Buttercups and those that look similar are my FAVORITE! I hate that you all are so under the weather! I hope your family gets feeling better very soon!


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