Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Views from a homeschool mom’s chair

The other day as I was teaching my oldest son, I was taking in the view from my seat.  On any given day, our homeschool looks a little like this:

~ A little learning and a little coffee ~

January 4, 2011 045 

~ A little friendly competition in between lessons ~

January 4, 2011 046{ and a blurry picture too…sorry!}

~ A little lot of awaiting laundry {sigh} ~

January 4, 2011 048

~ A little art ~

January 4, 2011 050

~ A little bit of the littles playing

January 4, 2011 051

(They look guilty, don’t they?  Maybe it’s that big cannister of candy they were chowing down on!)

Those were some little views from our homeschool. 

Happy Homeschooling in 2011! 

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