Saturday, January 22, 2011

A peek at a homeschool day in our home ~


On Tuesday of this week, I thought that it would be fun to take pictures of a typical day in our homeschool.  The day ended up to be not-so-typical though…

We began the morning with our breakfast and everyone pitches in to help clean the kitchen and do other morning chores.  The kids usually vacuum the rugs, make their beds, pick up messes, get dressed, and brush teeth before school.  I’m usually running around taking care of laundry and seeing to any prep work for lunch & supper.


On this day, the little ones were quietly playing with blocks in the living room so I started the older children on their history readings, geography, and grammar.  The three older children do most of their independent work in the mornings while the little ones work with me.


The little ones cleaned up their block mess and we worked on the letter z a little bit more.  We painted, searched for z’s in a magazine, glued z pictures to our painted z’s, and made a little playdough.


While I was sitting in the floor with the little ones, I was reading to them about zebras from our animal encyclopedia.  Little Man decided that he wanted me to look all through the book with him.  I even have pictures on my camera of the animals that he made me take.  I’ll spare you those, though!  {smile}

As the little ones made a mess played with play dough, I rotated amongst the older kids and answered questions, made corrections, and taught lessons as needed.  It just becomes an easy rhythm after a while…this homeschooling four grade levels.  {smile}

Right before lunch, we did science.  We are talking about our genes.  The kids had fun deciding from which parent they received most of their traits.  It was funny but the boys got most from their dad and the girls got most from me.  No pictures, sorry, but it was fun!


After lunch our day turned into a non-typical day.  Normally, we eat, we clean, we get Little Man down for a nap, and we do big subjects like pre-algebra, math, and more history.  However, the teacher (me) was just feeling downright yucky!  So we put in a movie on George Washington to go with our American history.  The kids got the day off from math.  They were really upset about it too.  {wink}


We try to go outside everyday if it’s not too cold and since the sun came out on this day, we spent a little time running and being kids too. 

So there’s a little peek at a day in our homeschool.  Not exactly a typical day but not many days are typical.  {wink}



  1. I loved taking a peek inside your homeschool for the day.

    Next time I'll take a cup of coffee too:)

  2. Oh yes, most all of our days are typical! (cough, cough)
    It was fun taking a look at your day. I think I will have a cup of coffee too next time!


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