Monday, January 17, 2011

A little bit of randomness ~


Today is one of those days when I just have many thoughts running around that I want to write down.  So this post will be very random.  But I like random posts.  It’s kind of like chatting with my friends.  {smile}

Homeschooling ~

After I finish this post, I will spend some time filling out the children’s weekly lesson plan lists.  Then I will photocopy all needed work and put it into the children’s work binders.  Plus there is a stack of notebooks with Math and Grammar lessons waiting to be checked so that the owner of the notebooks can correct his work.  I must admit that I really don’t care for this part of homeschooling.  You know, the paper shuffling part.  However, it is necessary.  Our school runs much more smoothly if the kids know what is expected of them for the week.  And they work much more diligently if I am sure to check their work and have them make corrections. 

This has me thinking of my homeschool blog.  When I started that blog, I was hoping that I would be writing a preschool curriculum and I felt that I needed a separate place to link that curriculum.  Also, I was planning to link to other homeschooling blogs to share our weeks, etc.  But I have found out two things.  One, I just don’t have the time to keep up with two blogs.  (Yes, I’ve said that before.  And if you’re saying I could have told you that…well, you’re right.)  Two, blogging in another place about our homeschooling feels so…disconnected.  Homeschooling is a HUGE part of our lives.  It is something we do 24 hours, 7 days a week.  How do I separate that from our every day lives?

So our homeschooling posts will be moving back over here.  There probably won’t be many posts because I’m keeping it pretty simple this year.  But it will be here.  And I promise to try to work on not being so wishy-washy with this blog stuff.  {wink}



Reading the Bible in 90 Days ~

This year, I have decided to join the group reading the Bible in 90 days.  It is a pretty strenuous reading schedule. And I am behind.  I was a little behind.  Now, I am a lot behind.  But I am reading the Bible everyday.  I might not finish in the 90 days but I am going to continue to read the Bible until I finish reading it in its entirety.  I also told myself that when I check in with my group every week that I was not going to offer any excuses as to why I was behind.  And even though I am behind, I am learning some great things.  But I am still going to try to catch up! 

Losing Adriane ~

It seems that I have abandoned my efforts to lose weight since I’ve not been posting my Monday weigh-ins.  I figured around the holidays that I would just let it lay low since I wasn’t really working that hard on losing weight.  I thought that it would be best to start it back in the new year.  What I didn’t plan on was getting sick and being sick for over a month.  That’s right!  That chest cold I had before Christmas is still giving me grief.  I tell myself that if I would exercise then I would get healthier and beat this junk that is plaguing me.  However, it is really hard to exercise when you are coughing.  Last night, I was so exhausted from trying to sing with this stuff in my chest (and the coughing wears you out too).  I resigned myself to finally going to the doctor to see if she could help. 

(And before you fuss about me not going to the doctor yet:  I didn’t go at first because it was viral.  My doctor does not prescribe antibiotics for a virus nor will I take antibiotics for a virus.  Then I kept thinking I was getting better.  Only when I’m really tired do I feel really bad.  This weekend, for instance, the little ones did not sleep well so I did not sleep well.  This lack of sleep seemed to make me feel worse.  So that’s why I’ve not been to the doctor.  Not that it really matters to anyone but I know some people might want to fuss at me. ) 

But today, I am feeling better.  It’s not completely gone but better.  So I hope to get my focus back on my weight loss soon.  I’m planning on kicking off my weight loss 2011 on Monday.  Look for a post then.  (And for some good advice on weight loss, the Grocery Shrink blog is posting a lot of useful weight loss information.  Good stuff there!)


Speaking of food ~

Today I made my first ever homemade buns.  They were supposed to be hoagie buns but came out more like oblong hamburger buns.  This week, David and I have challenged ourselves to cook only using what we have in our pantry and in our freezer.  Tonight we needed buns for our BBQ beef sandwiches.  (I had to make the BBQ sauce too.)  Normally, I will call Dave and he will stop by the store on his way home to get the buns.  And then I would have also added this and that to his list.  Ta-da!  Those few dollars that we would spend grew to even more.  So this week, no little stops at the store.  Only two things will make us stop if needed:  diapers and toilet paper.  But I think we have enough to get through until Friday.  Maybe…

Back to the homemade buns…so tonight I made the buns, the BBQ sauce, and some applesauce bread for tomorrow’s breakfast.  I was in the kitchen for about 3 hours this afternoon!  I seriously don’t have time to do that everyday!  I’m thinking that it is a good time for me to start planning some Saturdays as my cooking days and filling our freezer with some premade foods to help us through the week.  I’m sure that I will write more about that soon.


I guess that I’d better wrap up my random thoughts post and get that school planning finished.  I’m hoping to fit in a little more Bible reading tonight before I go to sleep.

Thanks for reading all of my all-over-the-place post.  I hope you all have a wonderful week! 


  1. That bread looks so yummy! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I know what you mean about having another blog for seperate post on homeschooling stuff..seems like I've done the same thing that you have and I've been thinking of deleting the other little blog. its impossible to find time to do both.

  3. Like you,homeschooling is such a part of our everyday life I can't blog about it in a different place.

    HOpe you are feeling better!

    By the way, the bread looks yummy!

  4. I decided to try to lose some weight this year, too... I wish you all the luck because right now it is kicking my tush :) I have two blogs, too, and find it hard to keep up with both. I also need to work on Lilys lessons for the next few months... so- all that to say, your post this week isnt all that "all-over-the place"... it sounds alot like my life right now :) ~Kristina

  5. Thanks you all for the comments and well wishes. I am feeling better...just very slowly. :)

  6. I know what you mean about having another blog for seperate post on homeschooling stuff..seems like I've done the same thing that you have and I've been thinking of deleting the other little blog. its impossible to find time to do both.


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