Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Days ~

I found a few more pictures from December that I just had to share because they are so cute.  {smile}

~ A cup of cocoa and a little after nap bed head ~


~ Baby Boy’s outfit choice of the day:  a puppy dog sweater, khaki shorts, and black boots.  And his three favorite things:  his giraffe riding toy, Toy Story 3, and a plastic zebra.  Can you see the zebra?~


~ Dancing around the Christmas tree ~

(There’s a little white polar bear somewhere in this room playing a very loud rendition of Dancing around the Christmas tree.  He’s now packed away in his quiet little box until next year.  Did I mention that he was loud?)



~We read many books from our Christmas book basket.  Here Sunshine Girl is “reading” The Cajun Gingerbread Boy.  It is one of our favorite books of all time. ~


~ If you read the book, you must use your best Cajun French voice.  You’d think that it would be easy for me since my Mom and Grandfather are Cajun French.  (Though neither of them has ever used a Cajun accent that I know of!)  But no!  My Cajun voice sounds like a Cajun with a serious southern drawl.  Every once in a while it even sounded a little…British!  Oh well, my kiddos loved it and it’s really fun to say words like “M’sieur Crocodrie”. ~


~This is what happens when the Mom is sick.  She doesn’t even realize people have snagged the camera!  (See the unsuspecting, totally out of it Mom in lower left hand corner.  I didn’t have a clue until I put these pictures on the computer that he had my camera!) ~


~Mommy’s little helper~


~ More dancing around the Christmas tree.  I’m so glad that little bear is packed away.  Oh wait, did I all ready say that?  {smile} ~


I believe that wraps up our Christmas memories.  I hope your Christmas was filled with many wonderful memories too!




  1. so cute...just so cute...that baby boy I tell you.

  2. I can feel the warmth of your family :) Happy New Year.

  3. Thank you for the comments!

    Amanda, I know I'm biased but he is a little cutie. He keeps it interesting around here!


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