Friday, November 12, 2010

You know if it gets quiet around the house…

that you had better go and check out the sudden lack of noise.


And the one sound that you can hear:  water running in the kitchen might not be someone helping you out with the dishes.


It might be a two-year-old who wants to try his hand at making a little kool-aid. 

{And yes, my kids do drink kool-aid.  And yes, I know about food dyes, etc.  We’re working on it.}


And instead of mixing the kool-aid with water, he might think it would be fun to mix it with dish detergent which was almost full before he began his little experiment.


Of course, the dish detergent makes good bubbles too. 

And bubbles make good…

DSCN6845 beards!

{And kool-aid mixes well with snot!  Just keeping it real, folks!}

It would be really easy for me to lose my cool too.  Honestly, sometimes I have lost it.  But these days of little ones making messes go by so quickly.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just laugh…

and take pictures, of course!

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. LOL Too cute, hopefully he didn't ingest it or he'll be burping lots and lots of bubbles! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  2. The best thing I've seen all day girl!


  3. These are the adventures that make for great stories someday!

    Too cute!

  4. Thanks y'all. It makes me smile to think of these sweet moments so I thought that I'd share.


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