Monday, November 8, 2010

The week and weigh-in…in numbers


For the last week, my sweet family pictured above has been dealing with strep throat.  As with many illnesses, you have to be concerned with numbers:  How high is the fever?  How long have you been experiencing symptoms?  How many days until one begins to feel better?  And since I’ve been checking temperatures around the clock and conversing numbers with our doctors, I figured that it was only fitting to write a post using…you guessed it, numbers!

The number of …

People in our family who have had strep throat  ~  4

Visits to the doctors   ~  5

Injections of penicillin   ~ 4

People who have avoided strep in our family   ~ 3  {YAY!}

Bowls of soup for the streppies   ~  lost count

Bottles of Gatorade   {one of the few things I could drink}  ~  7

Times that the house has been sanitized to kill strep bacteria   ~ 2   {not sure if it helped though}

Toothbrushes thrown away   ~  4   {recommended after strep}

Nights that David and I fell asleep on the couch before we awoke to find that we were not in our bed  {so tired}   ~ 3

People feeling good today   ~ 5  {YAY!}

People who should feel better within the next few days  ~ 2  {for a total of 7!  Double YAY!}

and on to the weigh-in…

pounds I lost while on my strep throat liquid diet  ~  2

pounds I gained back since I can eat and have a sweet tooth right now  ~ 2   {boo, hiss!}

I am not even going to comment on that.  I am just disappointed in myself.  Somehow, someway, I have to learn how to continue to eat and live healthfully during the hard times of life.  They will come at me for the rest of my days and I need to learn to NOT turn to food for solace. 

However, today I am thankful to God for healing.  I am thankful for doctors and penicillin to take away the strep.  I am thankful for the sweet loving kindness that I’ve seen between my kiddos over this week.  And I am thankful for a husband who sacrifices to care for me & the kids. 

God is good…

All the time!


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