Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous {saving money, a challenge, a girl & her cats, and a weigh-in}


My mind is all over the place on this rainy Monday morning, so this post is just an extension of my thoughts right now.  Of course, I’ve got to throw in a few totally random but cute pictures of my Sunshine Girl, Max, and her stuffed kitty named Gracie. 

Saving money on groceries ~

I’ve had a few questions lately asking how I save money on groceries.   The grocery budget is probably the area where our family can save the most money.  Here lately, I’ve started shopping a new way by only buying things on sale and stocking up on loss leaders and good deals.  After that, I sit and plan meals using only the items that I have on hand.  It’s a little different than what I’m used to doing {making a menu and then shopping} but it has been working for us and we are saving a little more money.  I’m still in the planning stage for this week which leads me to…


The challenge ~

This week I have challenged myself to planning meals using only the items from our pantry, freezer, current shopping trip, and our fall garden.  No trips will be allowed for that “quick” run to the store to get a little this & a little that {which leads to a little bit more money spent here & there}.  Every evening, I am going to post our evening meal including the price of the meal and recipes. 

Hopefully, it will show that a large family can eat well on a budget.  I’ve talked with some people who thought that a large family could only eat things like canned ravioli and spaghettios on a budget.  However, our family does not eat many convenience foods but filling, healthy meals.  Anyway, I thought that perhaps a challenge for myself that I would be posting on the blog would help hold me more accountable and help answer questions that I’ve been asked.

So be on the look out for my first post about our evening meals based on loss leaders and the pantry tonight!


A weigh-in ~

A facebook friend recently posted a quote that went something like this:  “We can not continue to do the same things and expect new results.”   Hence, I should not be surprised by this week’s weigh in.  I am doing nothing new.  Sure, there a little tweaks here and there such as less soda, more whole grains, less sugar, more vegetables etc.  But to truly lose weight, I am going to have to make major changes.  Sometimes I wonder if I am really serious about my health.  It’s frustrating, I tell you!  Anyway, this week’s weigh-in:

I did not lose or gain any weight. 

At least,  I didn’t gain…right?  {sigh}

DSCN6901 Look at those cheeks!

A girl and her cats ~

I walked by the front door the other day to see Sunshine Girl sitting on the porch petting Max while holding her new stuffed kitty cat, Gracie.  I had to go out and take a few pictures of my precious girl surrounded by her lovies and  fallen leaves.




My girl sure is growing up quickly! 


Have a blessed Monday! 



  1. thanks for the money saving tips. I am trying to do the same things! It's a huge thing when I can stay away from the grocery store as much as possible.

    Looking forward to more of these posts!

    Beeyoutiful fall photos!

  2. Love the pictures! See is so cute.

    Everytime I go in the store I pick up "one more thing." It adds up over time. Thankfully I live almost 30 minutes from the grocery store so that helps.

    Look forward to the posts.

  3. Love the dinner challenge. Can't wait to see your evening meal posts.

  4. Your daughter is adorable! I love grocery deals, it becomes like a game finding ways to save the most money. :-) Have a wonderful week.

  5. Thanks for the comments! I have to admit that we made an extra store run tonight! We ran out of wipes. And that's one of those can't do without things when you've got one in diapers. My husband said that I could blame it on him since I said on the blog that we wouldn't be doing that!

  6. Love the pictures of that sweetie. She really is looking so grown up these days. :)

  7. Love the dinner challenge. Can't wait to see your evening meal posts.


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