Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning the Letter X ~

Last week, during our strep week, we spent a few days learning about the letter X.   I am very thankful that it was an easy letter week because the strep made it a short week too.  Even though we only spent a few days on the letter, Sunshine Girl has it down! 

Here are a few of our activities from last week:

Playing music on a xylophone


I have been borrowing a xylophone from our church to help me prepare for teaching children’s choir.  Sunshine Girl and Baby Boy had fun playing on it.  By the end of the week, Sunshine Girl was playing her C scales and attempting to play “Chopsticks”.



We used the letter X activities from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool at 1+1+1=1.  {We are really enjoying these lessons and powerpoint shows!}  (No pictures.  Sorry!)


Activities for our preschool scrapbook found at Homeschoolshare.  (We did not finish these and will do so this week.  However, the link will take you to the printables.)


Activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler  ~ Letter X.


Sunshine Girl was so proud that she completed this color by number all by herself.  She decided on a whim to cut it out later too!



Map of backyard ~ X marks the spot!



After she drew the map, I  hid a treasure in the backyard.  ( I saw this idea here.)


Sunshine Girl used her map and found the “treasure”!



I just love this picture of how hard she is working on her treasure map.  {smile}


A Little Bit Extra…

We love starfall!


Baby Boy wanted to help me fold socks.


Sunshine Girl was playing her “piano” to the ragtime music that we heard on starfall.  (Have I mentioned how much we love starfall?)



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