Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little about me~

I believe it was back in March when I received a comment on one of the birthday posts of my older boys.  It was Amanda introducing herself to me.  I was ecstatic because (1) someone was reading my blog and (2) she seemed like a nice person.  The more that I have gotten to know Amanda over these months, I truly feel like we are kindred spirits.  I honestly never thought that I’d make a connection like this with someone via a blog whom I’ve not met face to face.  If you’ve not been to Amanda’s blog, you need to visit her.  She is such an inspirational woman.  She loves God, her husband, and her family.  It is obvious in her posts and it is quite inspiring.  Plus she is such an encouraging person.  Her words have lifted me up when I really needed them. 

Amanda tagged me with some questions a while back.  Thank you, Amanda, for thinking of me with these questions!

Here are the answers to her questions:


1.)  What is your favorite meal to fix for your family that you enjoy and they enjoy?

Is it bad when the first question is a tough one?  {smile}  Ok, I love to fix taco soup.  BUT I have one child who is extremely picky and he doesn’t like it.  He prefers gumbo which is not my favorite.  The meal that gets the most raves from everyone is probably a roasted chicken. 


2.)  If you had a free day with your husband and children and all your work was done what would you spend the day doing?

We would go out and explore something.  We like to visit historical sites and parks.  We like to trek through the woods.  Sometimes we just like to dig around in the backyard or ride bikes.

3.)   If you had a free day by yourself and your family was taken care of, what would you spend the day doing?

I would either be outside digging in the dirt & planting flowers or veggies or reading a book.  Actually, last Friday I could not put down the history read aloud book after I read to the boys.  I ended up reading most of it during quiet time and the rest of it that night before bed.  I guess I took the day off because I didn’t get all of my stuff done.  I felt a little guilty about it too but my wonderful husband just smiled and told me that I deserved the day off.


3.)  Why did you start blogging?
One, I wanted a way to document our days.  This is much easier than scrapbooking to me.  Two, I needed a way to connect with other moms.  Three, I needed a creative outlet.  Blogging gives me all three!



4.)  Do you have a TV and if so what good family movies do you recommend?

Funny that you should ask this: we have been discussing this very thing in our home…again!  We do have a TV.  We also are always talking about turning off cable.  Actually, we called the cable company and told them we wanted to disconnect.  They came to the house to pick up the box and talked me back into it!  And you know why?  I hardly watch TV but I didn’t want to miss the Duggars!

I honestly can’t recommend much of anything that I like my kids to watch.  We monitor what they watch but if I were honest, I really wouldn’t want them to watch much of anything.  There is so much in so many shows that just doesn’t sit well with David or me.  For instance, one show that the kids will sometimes watch, one character says really demeaning things about poor people.  That really, really bothers me.  So I use those opportunities to teach my children about how God loves all people and that we should love, reach out, and help the poor.

I do like it when we watch Little House on the Prairie.  We also have some Berenstain Bears movies that they watch.  I would like to introduce them to the Waltons.  I think they would like that.  We recently watched Toy Story 3 and it was pretty funny.  Oh, the TV is a hard one around here.  It leaves me waffling and unsure what to do!  Sometimes I feel like it just needs to go but I just can’t let it go!



5.)  Tell me three things you are passionate about.

Being the wife, mom, & woman that God wants me to be

Living a life with integrity



Picture 264 This is an oldie.  Sunshine Girl was a wee baby.

6.)  If God had not called you to be a wife and a mother what do you think he would have called you to do?

I would probably still be teaching in an elementary classroom.  Of course, I still do it daily in my home!

I once dreamed of singing on Broadway or being involved someway in vocal performance.  I absolutely love to sing.  Music stirs my very being!

Picture 265 It’s a crazy life but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

* After I posted this on my blog, I remembered that I am supposed to tag others to answer some questions.  Since I’m supposed to be packing tonight and planning school (and I’m taking a quick break) , how about if you read this and you want to do this then copy & paste the questions onto your blog.  Then answer these questions and come back here and leave a comment to let me know. 

And if I don’t make it back to blog over the next few days:

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. smiles the entire post through. Thank you so much for taking time away from your sweet family to post this. What a inspiration you have been to me and I am so thankful I've met you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. I decided to stop by the Little White House on PA Avenue and see "what's up?"...I'm glad I did.
    I'm sure I'll be back.

    You have a beautiful family and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like you've a couple of busy days ahead.

    I agree with what you said about Amanda. :) She's a dear heart...isn't she?

  3. I have to agree with you.. I have been to Amandas blog and it is so wonderful.. and I believe both of you are just wonderful Godly woman..It is true how amazing God can bring friends together through blogging.. i have connected with soooooo many woman through this experience..and I wish we all lived close to each other so we could get together for coffee or something..But I guess we will have to be content with posting to each other..
    Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving..

  4. Thanks y'all! It was nice to hear from you. I'm thankful for my blog friends.


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