Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preschool Time ~ Letters L & T


~ I am so behind on my preschool and home education highlights posts.  So I am going to combine some and keep them simple until it is caught up around here.  Then I’ll go back to publishing more detailed posts.~

DSCN5960 Magic L ~ a little tape, a little paint, remove the tape after paint dries and voila!

I’ve not shared our preschool much this year.  One, I’ve just been busy trying to get school off of the ground and blogging got pushed further down on the list.  Two, our first two weeks of school were rather simple without much “razzle-dazzle” moments happening.  There are a few reasons for that too.

I decided that this year, I would keep our preschool simple because honestly it takes up the bulk of my school planning time.  So I kept the first two weeks really simple and then Sunshine Girl (4 yo) let me know that she wanted to do school…PLEASE!  She loves school!  How could I not take it up a notch or two? 

DSCN5956 Toothpick T

So the first few weeks were rather…plain and the next few weeks were preschool with pizazz. However, one thing has been consistent over the course of these past few weeks.  Originally, I had planned to use another curriculum but then found this curriculum at 1+1+1=1We love it!  We love it so much that I paid to join the members only section.  Carissa, the site owner, shares the curriculum for free but I also wanted to access the power point presentations and paid ten dollars (seriously, worth more than that) to become a member.  The money that she earns is to help her family fund their ministry. (They are missionaries ~ you can read about it here and more here.)

DSCN5799 Lions and ladybugs in our scrapbook (more about our preschool scrapbook soon)



 Adding trees and other things to our “train track T”

DSCN5807 Trains and tracks

DSCN5810 T vocabulary cards from Raising Rock Stars Preschool

DSCN5718A favorite around here…the Kumon first book of cutting

Instead of focusing on many books over the week, we are concentrating on one or two books a week.  (Though we read many others too.)  A lot of our books are from Before Five in a Row {BFIAR}.  We chose a few activities to go with both books.  {See below for links}


Books we read:

The Little Rabbit {click here for BFIAR lapbook at Homeschoolshare}

The Big Green Pocketbook  {click here for BFIAR lapbook at Homeschoolshare}

There’s a glimpse of our first two weeks of preschool.  Soon to come:  the letters Hh, Ii, and more activities!


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